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IAMCP launches D&I Accelerator to help organizations initiate diversity and inclusion programs

D&I accelerator

The IAMCP D&I (Diversity and Inclusion) Committee recently launched the D&I Accelerator to speed up the process of initiating diversity and inclusion programs in organizations. To celebrate the launch, IAMCP has organized a virtual roundtable on October 24, 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. EST. The IAMCP’s D&I event is a great way to get inspired and learn more about how you can start implementing these programs in your organization.  

The IAMCP roundtable event will have over 200 curated assets from the Microsoft Partner channel. It will have some of the biggest influencers in the Microsoft D&I realm and its sponsors as speakers: 

Gavriella Schuster, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Leader 

Andrea Mullens, Ingram Micro  

Joseph Landes, Nerdio 

Elena Baeva, IAMCP D&I 

Elena Baeva will host the event and Gavriella Schuster, Andrea Mullens, and Joseph Landes will be the speakers. 

The event will be a platform for you to hear about: 

  • The new IAMCP D&I Accelerator tool and how to use it  
  • How D&I will benefit innovation, talent growth, retention, and efficiency. 
  • What investments and plans Microsoft has for further development of D&I initiatives in the channel? 
  • How you can start your D&I programs. 
  • Ingram Micro and Nerdio support for D&I and much more. 

D&I is a must for all organizations as it includes everyone irrespective of where they belong and celebrates uniqueness. Implementing D&I will boost productivity, expand talents, increase innovation, build a reputation and reduce employee turnover. 

D&I accelerator is everything you will need to build more diverse teams and create inclusive organizations, accelerating business success. 

To join the IAMCP roundtable and see the new IAMCP D&I Accelerator tool in action, register here: 

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