i3forum grows its membership in Asia with Vietnam’s VNPT

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i3forum, a leading not-for-profit company boosting transformation in the carrier ecosystem, has introduced Vietnam Post and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) as its newest Member. As a Member, VNPT can join work groups to collaborate and enable the success of global carriers. VNPT joins 25+ members from across Asia, South America, North America, Europe and the Middle East.

VNPT is a state-owned enterprise that is specialized in investment, manufacturing and trading in the telecommunications and ICT sector. VNPT’s mission is to create digital solutions and a services ecosystem based on platforms such as media, e-government, health and much more.

“We are pleased to welcome VNPT to the i3forum. Vietnam has a vibrant telecoms market and we look forward to VNPT’s contributions to the i3forum’s work groups and initiatives,” said Philippe Millet, Chairman at i3forum.

“Having a diverse range of members is crucial in our mission to help define best practices, optimise carrier operations and accelerate industry transformation. VNPT is a great fit for our organisation. We look forward to working together to enable carrier transformation across the globe.”

i3forum introduces the international carrier ecosystem together to boost transformation. Its open and inclusive model brings carriers and vendors together to discuss and address topics that accelerate industry-wide transformation. Members are united by a common goal to improve the future of the industry.

“We are happy to link with one of the most advanced carrier ecosystems in the international telecom industry. We look-forward to sharing our insights and unique experiences with the global carrier community,” said Mr.Lam Quoc Cuong, VNPT International Director. “This is an opportunity to work with carriers across the globe to have a positive impact not just on our business but the industry as a whole.”

i3forum works closely with other industry organisations to focus on practical recommendations and solutions for the international carrier industry. Diversity is valued at i3forum, and the addition of more members creates an unbiased, comprehensive approach to collaboration.

“When companies like VNPT become members, our organisation becomes stronger and we are able to tackle a growing number of challenges facing carriers,” said Millet.

“We welcome carriers of all sizes and from all markets to become members and help to shape the future of carrier business. Together, we can launch new initiatives, deliver actionable recommendations and enable long-term sustainable growth across our industry,” he added.

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