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Artificial Intelligence

HPE introduces new services and platforms to make AI implementation easier 

HPE introduces new services and platforms to make AI implementation easier 

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced a number of new service capabilities and purpose-built platforms, to help companies adopt artificial intelligence easily. The major focus of HPE is on deep learning, the technology generally used for tasks like facial, voice and image recognition, and image classification.  

Deep learning technology is continuously growing but many companies are facing problems in implementing it due to the lack of essential requirements, like resources, expertise, customized hardware and software, and integration abilities to combine different pieces for AI systems. The companies need high-end computing infrastructure and trained learning models that are capable of recognizing patterns in texts, images, audios, videos and other data.  

“We live in a world today where we’re generating copious amounts of data, and deep learning can help unleash intelligence from this data,” said Pankaj Goyal, vice president, Artificial Intelligence Business, Hewlett Packard Enterprise. “However, a ‘one size fits all’ solution doesn’t work. Each enterprise has unique needs that require a distinct approach to get started, scale and optimize its infrastructure for deep learning. At HPE, we aim to make AI real for our customers no matter where they are in their journeys with our industry-leading infrastructure portfolio, AI expertise, world-class research and ecosystem of partners.” 

To make AI common for enterprises, HPE is providing flexible consumption services that are cost-effective and can avoid over-provisioning, while fulfilling the needs of deep learning deployments. The new services from HPE include – 

  • HPE Rapid Software Installation for AI:  

This solution is an integration of hardware and software based on HPE Apollo 6500 system along with Bright Computing for enabling quick application development. It comes with pre-configured deep learning software frameworks, libraries and automated software updates, with cluster management optimized for deep learning tasks, and supports NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs. 

  • HPE Deep Learning Cookbook:  

It helps customers select the best hardware and software environment as per the deep learning tasks. The use cases in cookbook are related to HPE Image Classification Reference Designs, that offers infrastructure configurations. This further trains image classification models for more use cases, and helps IT and data scientists with efficient and cost-effective services.  

  • HPE AI Innovation Center:  

It is a collaboration platform for universities and enterprises belonging to AI research fields. The Innovation Centers are located in Houston, Palo Alto, and Grenoble.  

  • Enhanced HPE Centers of Excellence (CoE):  

HPE CoE are designed for IT departments and data scientists to provide them access to the expertise and latest technologies including NVIDIA GPUs on HPE systems. The CoE centers of HPE are located in Houston, Palo Alto, Tokyo, India and France. 

“As deep learning-based AI advances, it will transform science, commerce and the quality of our lives by automating tasks that don’t require the most complex human thinking,” said Steve Conway, senior vice president, Hyperion Research. “HPE’s infrastructure and software solutions are designed for ease-of-use and promise to play an important role in driving AI adoption into enterprises and other organizations in the next few years.” 

HPE is creating several HPE AI Innovation labs to bring together universities and enterprises collaborating on AI projects.

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