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HPE and VMware to deliver a unified and modern hybrid cloud solution with HPE GreenLake for VMware

HPE GreenLake

Hewlett Packard Enterprise and VMware have announced the next phase of their partnership with HPE GreenLake for VMware. With this, VMware will deliver a fully integrated solution with a simple pay-as-you-go hybrid cloud consumption model. Customers can expect the HPE GreenLake for VMware to be available in the first half of  2023.

“Organizations are looking to evolve from a state of cloud chaos where cost and complexity reign, to a more cloud smart approach,” said Raghu Raghuram, chief executive officer at VMware. “VMware Cloud is the trusted platform for enterprise workloads on private and public clouds that gives customers the flexibility and choice to become cloud smart. VMware and HPE will enable customers to combine VMware’s state-of-the-art multi-cloud software with HPE GreenLake’s cloud operating model and consumption economics to support any workload on a modern hybrid cloud.”

Modern hybrid cloud experience with HPE GreenLake for VMware

HPE GreenLake for VMware will let customers have a modern hybrid cloud experience. They will get the benefits of the cloud, but they only need to pay for the infrastructure they use. Customers will be able to choose the best environment for running their hybrid cloud. VMware Cloud will work well with HPE GreenLake, which includes both the HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud Enterprise and on-premises options. Customers can choose to deploy in colocation facilities or at the edge, managed by HPE GreenLake.

The HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform gives a unified experience to customers and partners. It enables customers to easily access over 70 cloud services. Currently, HPE GreenLake is offering services to over 120,000 users, powering over two million connected devices, and managing more than one exabyte of data. 80% of the top 100 HPE customers have already adopted the HPE GreenLake platform. Organizations can have the benefit of automating, orchestrating, and running their hybrid cloud strategy from one platform.

VMware Cloud lets you run a modern, multi-cloud infrastructure on any cloud. It has built-in Kubernetes, integrated security, and the best possible TCO, making modern application development and deployment faster, easier, and less expensive. VMware Cloud is more secure by design which enables micro-segmentation for stopping modern lateral threats capable of moving within and across cloud and data center environments. HPE GreenLake customers will be able to use VMware Cloud to extend their environments to a variety of colocation and edge environments, making it possible to bring cloud capacity to the places where distributed applications are needed most.

For more than two decades, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and VMware have been working together to help customers make the most of digital transformations. With the announcement of a new phase of their partnership with HPE GreenLake for VMware, they will give customers even more choice and flexibility in how they want to use hybrid clouds. This will help users move faster towards modernization goals driven by data first strategies.

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