6 ways on how to watch a video offline

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How to watch a video offline

Most people now go online to watch videos but there will be times when you want to watch a video offline. It can be when you want to visit a public place that has no WiFi amenity and you wish to relax by watching your video there. The good news is that there are several ways to watch your favorite movie offline.

YouTube Video Downloader Extension

The first method is to install a YouTube video downloader extension on your browser. After it is installed and activated, it will show a Download button on anywhere that has a video. There will be options in the format you can download your video. It may not provide the format in which you want to download the video. In this case, you can use a video converter to convert the downloaded video to other preferred formats.

Record a Video with a Screen Recorder

The second method is to use a screen recorder like Movavi Screen Recorder to extract video from website. This method is best if your video is short because screencast video can get large fast. During recording, it will show how much is the size of the screencast file. It is easy to use a screen recorder – you simply use your mouse to draw a record frame and adjust it to fit the video playing on the video player on the video-sharing player. You must enable a speaker so that it will record a movie with sound.

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Let the Video Player Load in Full and then Watch Offline

You can actually watch a video offline by first letting it load to full when you have the internet turned on. You know when a video can be load to full when the grey bar reaches the end of the player. On YouTube, the video player will show a red bar on where it is playing. When the grey bar reaches the end of the video, leave the tab of the video page opened. Then, you can bring it to someplace that has no internet connection and watch the video until the end.

Add to Offline on YouTube

If you are using Android/iOS, you can use the offline feature in the official YouTube app to watch the video offline. First, you visit the page of the video you want to watch with the official YouTube app on your device. Next, look for the Add to the offline button. Not all videos are available for watching offline. If offline mode is not available for a certain video, the Add to Offline button will be crossed. It will prompt you to select a resolution when you click on the button. You can choose from 3 resolution qualities, including low, medium, and HD. The videos that you have downloaded can be found under Saved videos in your YouTube account.

YouTube Go App

The YouTube Go app can also be used for watching videos offline on a mobile device. It will ask for your mobile phone number to activate the account when you install the app. The next step is to start searching for videos. When you find a video, open it and you will see two options including play or download. Before pressing the download button, choose the quality such as basic, standard or high quality. The video that you have downloaded will be in the Downloads folder.

Use an Online Converter

Another method is to use an online video converter to convert a YouTube video into a downloadable file.  First, you copy the URL of the video you want to watch. Next, you go to the online video converter site and paste it in the YouTube video URL. It will give you the option to select from a list of video formats. Sometimes, it will give error due to a plugin blocking the website from functioning properly. In this case, you will have to go to the plugins section to disable the plugin and retry. If it successfully converts the YouTube video, you will see a download button which you can click to download the video onto your computer.

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