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How to Overcome FOMO: The Ultimate Guide

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Learn to crush FOMO and start thriving. You’ll learn just how damaging FOMO is and the exact ways you can combat it and live a joyful life.

The consequences of FOMO can make you feel like you’re losing out on opportunities and facing the consequences of a failure without actually taking any risks.

What is FOMO?

Fear of Missing Out is often called FOMO (fear of missing out). It’s the feeling of wanting to be a part of a group of people you want to be a part of but are unable to join due to circumstances. You check your phone to see if someone has posted a picture on Instagram of the trip they just went on, or if there’s a new post on Facebook. If your friends didn’t attend the event, you feel a little less happy about your own. The Feeling of Missing Out Is More Harmful Than You Realize. According to Psychology Today, there are two types of FOMO: an acquired FOMO and a developed FOMO. 

Why You Need to Fight FOMO

FOMO is so real. I mean, look at all those other people. Are they happier than you are? Being constantly surrounded by other people’s lives is one of the things that makes us so miserable. When you keep seeing the photos of your friends’ vacations or watch the perfect sunset from their rooftop patio, it can seriously make you feel incredibly jealous. It’s easy to let FOMO take over but just think: Most of the time, the people we’re envying are really happy. So, the biggest benefit of fighting FOMO is that you’ll be happier, too. 

How to Overcome FOMO

1 Reduce Your Social Media

Follow these tips to minimize the social media accounts you keep and to avoid emotional triggers that make you stressed out when you don’t log in. Turn It Off Control your phone, turn off notifications and remove the pressure of having to be constantly accessible and be present. Manage Your Calendar Organize your schedule to be as social and as business-focused as you would like. Use separate calendars for business meetings, family events, and your personal life. Learn to Manage Stress and Anxiety Learn to manage your emotions and take the time to work through anxiety, stress, and overwhelm when it happens. Then, allow yourself to take care of yourself at that moment, relax and calm down so that you’re in a better mental state to go after what you want in the future.

2 Build a Routine

Quit procrastinating. What did Gandhi say? – There is a right way to do everything. Put your nose to the grindstone. You know you can’t get that 4-hour date if you are sitting on your couch feeling bored and lazy. Take Over the Car Part-time rideshare? Part-time bike shares? More buses? Public transportation is such a simple solution to your transportation woes. Work Less to spend more time with friends and family while getting ahead and making tons of money. Work Smart Learn how to use your strengths and passions to your advantage. Master Your Money-Mindset Learn how to do your financial planning instead of letting your husband or roommate do it for you. Get Out of the Office Taxes on “pass-through” income Q.

3 Stop Comparing Yourself

Stop Comparison! Is FOMO Killing You? Want to learn the five ways you compare yourself to others and find ways to stop this vicious cycle? Solving FOMO Confessions of a City Girl Who Always Had It Follow Leandra on her journey from living in London to living in Mumbai. See her do the most to embrace the culture, the food, the people, the architecture, and everything else Mumbai has to offer. Live In an Urban Jungle and Never Leave Start the New Year with a new mindset and learn to enjoy yourself, live your life, and never leave the city that never sleeps feeling a Little Lonely?

4 Create Boundaries with Your Friends and Family

Learn how to navigate around all those FOMO-inducing situations and begin focusing on what’s most important. You’ll also learn how to challenge some of your beliefs and expectations about people, so you won’t let FOMO run you down. Find Your Closure When You Can’t Get What You Won’t Be honest with yourself about why you’re feeling the way you are and how you can move forward with a positive attitude. You’ll get real advice on how to change your mindset, so you can no longer fall victim to FOMO. Learn to Keep Your Spending in Check Learn how to take control of your spending and even learn how to save more. This is a crucial lesson in learning how to cope with FOMO and embrace what you want.

5 Turn Off the News

If you don’t know why to read this and you don’t know how to read this. But if you just can’t get away from the news, read this. Then take action to stop it from reaching you. What Happens When You Ignore FOMO If you can’t avoid the news completely, take small steps to cut it out of your life. 8 Ways to Get Away from FOMO (and Start Doing What You Want) Since FOMO is the result of a fear of missing out, there are a few things you can do that will help you start getting away from it. How to Overcome FOMO At the heart of FOMO is a fear of missing out, and to overcome it you need to understand the causes of the fear and make sure you don’t keep missing out.


If you’re like many, you’ve been dealing with FOMO at least once, if not more, during your career. Whether it’s missing out on a meetup with a longtime colleague or seeing a hot new dance move, FOMO can suck the life out of you. Of course, we all hate missing out on cool things and people. But there’s a difference between wanting to miss out on something to pursue more meaningful interests, and missing out because you’re too busy, stressed, or unmotivated. A recent study revealed that “when people feel intense anxiety at the prospect of missing out on something new and exciting, they often end up going to that thing even if they don’t want to.

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