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How to make promotional videos?

how to make promotional videos

Online videos and digital marketing strategies that revolve around the customers have become the norm today. If you are looking to have a competitive edge, video-based marketing should become a prime part of your marketing campaigns. Though there are many types of videos that can establish your brand or product, promotional videos are of significant importance to increase the customer base.

Essentially speaking, more customer base equals more revenue, simple as that. There are lots of video making tools and best promo video maker like InVideo available online, but let’s first understand the ways to make a captivating promotional video.

What is a promotional video?

You must know what a promotional video means to set the tone and to understand how to create one. All the more, it is better to learn from the basics than to find anything difficult later. If you plan to promote a particular event, product, or service in express mode, promotional videos are the only source for getting the best results.

Such videos can be compared with a movie teaser. The main agenda behind creating a promotional video is to grab the audience’s attention in a spectacular way and to allow them to reach out to you to learn more about the product or the service, or the event.

These videos can help in two ways. If you want to build a community of customers who do not know anything about your brand, you can use such videos to create awareness. Further, if you already have a set audience who know about your company and brand, promotional videos can act as an awareness factor about the upcoming events.

Advantages of creating promotional videos

Promo videos can benefit any company to build on their revenue margin. Of course, this is not the sole purpose behind creating such videos. The other major advantages are:

  • Create Brand Awareness: This is an excellent way to develop awareness about your brand to the new users. A highly captivating promotional video can help increase customer views, thereby making them know about your company.
  • Rapid Promotion: Promotional video is an ace weapon to inform the audience about an upcoming event or a product or service. If you are planning to introduce something new from your company, use such videos to create curiosity among the audience, thereby getting instant sign-ups for the service.
  • Increase In Sales: This is on the cards. If you follow the guidelines to create promotional videos, there shall be a definite increase in sales. Of course, you must be consistent in using the videos and in using them at the right time for best results.

How to create promotional videos?

Creating a promotional video is not a cumbersome task. But there are a few aspects that you must focus on diligently. As such, these are types of videos that will drive results, but if gone wrong, they can be a greater turn-off.

1. Select the right tool

To create promotional videos, you must have a suitable video maker to get the task done. There are many online tools available, and most of them are feature rich. Do not go by the features but by the suitability. In this regard, the experts advise choosing 2 to 3 software and selecting one among them. Ideally, you need to select a tool that suits your editing style. You must make use of all the selected tools to finalize one software finally.

2. Think on the lines of a teaser

A promotional video can never be an in-depth video that shows everything about the product or service. Firstly, the video must be crisp. Secondly, it must have catchy visuals that can grab the audience’s attention.

Lastly, the video must have captivating audio to sync with the visual as well. The pivot of an idea is to seek attention for the promotion you are planning to make. The video must have fast movement with quick clips showing the importance of your product or service.

3. Clarity about the promotion

What are you planning to promote? It is one question you must answer, and the video must have that while developing a promotional clip. The promotional video must have all the information that you are planning to tell the customer.

Be it the contact details or the experience that they shall get by using the product. Clarity leads to power, and it must be of prime focus as you create the video.

4. Include graphics to increase visual appeal

The promotional video must be excellent in its visual appearance. The fast-paced video must have immaculate graphical content involved, giving the audience information in a catchy way. The call to action must be prominent, and the video must insist the viewers subtly to move to the next step.

5. Create multiple versions of the video

This shall help you in not repeating the video on the social platforms. Understand, doing the same thing but with a difference can give better results. At the same time, posting the same video on social platforms might not give you the desired customer conversion as the users are of different types. Some might want to look at a lengthier version; some might like it crisp.

Quick tips to create a dynamic promotional video

  1. Script the promotional video content
  2. You must use the storyboard method to visualize the vision of the video
  3. Capture snaps and graphics that are highly essential for the promotional video
  4. Sequence the video edit as per the script
  5. Sequence the video clips as well as the pictures to use in the video
  6. Select the right music that goes well with the visuals
  7. Edit the video with a suitable video maker


It is also suggested to make 3 to 4 versions of the promo video and select one from the lot. Now that you know how to make a promotional video, then it is time for you to create an amazing one.

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