How to improve your business cashflow

improve business cashflow

Having a stable cashflow is key to keeping your business running smoothly. So, follow these steps to ensure yours is at the top of its game.

Be aware of your inventory

It may seem like a simple day-to-day task but keeping track of your inventory will help you assess what is selling and what isn’t – meaning you can be aware of what products need buying more or less regularly.

There’s no point holding on to inventory that doesn’t sell so try to get rid of it with a sale, this will free up more space for stock that does sell. Sometimes bills are paid later than expected. Even larger companies who are very profitable can start to experience problems if their products haven’t been paid for yet.

Lower your business expenses

Cutting down on expenses may seem difficult but if you look closely there are sure to be ways to lower your spending. Are you constantly paying to repair a machine? Take the plunge and buy a new one – it’ll make the money back through lowering wage expenses as your staff won’t be waiting for repairs to work and will allow you to create more product to sell.

Use electronic payments

Electronic payments allow you to receive money sooner and let go of it later. You can wait until the day a payment is due to send money and shorten the time between sending an invoice and receiving a payment – meaning that with payment processing solutions, you’re able to keep a closer eye on incomings and outgoings.

Consider leasing equipment

Leasing equipment allows you to continuously make smaller regular payments rather than having to buy outright at the start of business. Whilst it may cost slightly more overtime, you have the added bonus of it classing as a work expense which you may be able to claim back on, as well as having the option to upgrade quicker to newer equipment should the opportunity arise.

Rework your marketing strategy

Improving your cashflow may mean investing in your business. Check if your marketing strategy is outdated or if it could be improved. A new set of marketing tools could be the answer to selling your products to a broader customers base.

Cashflow problems may be fixed by making a few simple changes or investing in the future of your business. It’s normal to face difficult times as a company and there are ways to help your brand grow.

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