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How enterprises are steering through digital disruption: Highlights from Infosys report

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IT Management (79%), Customer Relationship Management (62%) and Business Process Management (60%) are the primary areas where digital technologies are used the most, according to a report by Infosys, a leading consulting and digital services company.

Infosys surveyed 1,000 senior IT and business decision makers in organizations across seven countries for the report titled How enterprises are steering through digital disruption”.

33% of the organizations were looking to use digital technologies for knowledge management, 31% for operational intelligence, whereas 28% for product development.

digital disruption in areas

  • More than half of organizations using cyber security, big data analytics, cloud and AI

Cyber security (69%), big data analytics (67%), enterprise cloud (60%), and artificial intelligence (56%) were the most common technologies used by organizations.

digital disruption within organizations

The respondents said that they were using cyber security technology to improve existing business operations (64%), to solve new business problems (53%), and to create new opportunities (28%).

digital disruption in cyber security

Emerging digital technologies like internet of things (IoT) and blockchain were also being used a decent number of organizations, 42% and 30%, respectively.

  • Data analytics to have significant impact on organizations

With the rise in amount of data collected by organizations, 41% respondents in banking industry said that data analytics would have the most impact on their organizations within next three years.

On the other hand, over half of respondents from retail industry cited data analytics as the top trend to align marketing, campaigns and offers program spending.

  • Digital technologies modernizing the business processes

Organizations were also using digital technologies to modernize their current business processes, which could result in increases revenue, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

On this front, 45% of respondents from automotive industry considered investment in digital supply chains among their top three priorities.

Whereas, 39% respondents from consumer-packaged goods (CPG) sector cited investments in digital technologies to improve supply chain visibility.

  • Digital technologies help organizations better collaborate with other technology providers

Along with modernizing the business processes, digital technologies can also automate them and provide better collaboration. For example, digital technologies can help insurance industry to update risk calculations immediately and provide more accurate underwriting outcomes.

38% of respondents in banking industry said that open banking APIs could help them in better collaborating with other technology partners. This can help them implement solutions like IoT and blockchain in banking.

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“The digital era presents enterprises with the unprecedented opportunity to reinvent their business from the core by continuously steering towards a more digital future guided by AI-powered insights to target the right opportunities to deeply automate, improve and even reimagine, both processes and experiences. A digital mindset enabled by rapid skill development and talent refactoring is vital to accelerate this transformation,” said Ravi Kumar S, President and Deputy Chief Operating Officer, Infosys.

Images source: Infosys


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