How AI will help and change the remote work

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AI in remote work

As the novel coronavirus swept across the world, what started as a trial for remote work is becoming a new normal now. A majority of white-collar jobs are going remote and the world is preparing to embrace this new normalcy. As remote work grows exponentially, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is emerging as a key player. AI is helping businesses cater to remote work challenges, optimize workflows and accelerate collaboration. The past few months have been disruptive for almost every industry. We have seen businesses which are struggling to survive, to those who have found themselves to be in high demand. Today, AI is enabling remote employee engagement to talent acquisition.

With the advent of AI-powered smart cloud solutions, remote working is expected to grow manifolds in the coming years. When it comes to connecting with customers and employees, the new collaboration technologies are making companies revamp their operations completely. For instance, virtual meetings have become an integrated part of remote working. There are AI-powered tools available that can make virtual meetings engaging and successful. Remote workers can leverage smart presentation software and create out of the box presentations with professional PowerPoint templates. Engagement with stakeholders, investors and employees is the key business driver in remote working.

Let’s move ahead and know about how AI is transforming workflows for remote workers.

Team Collaboration

One of the biggest challenges associated with remote work is communication and collaboration. There is a lack of visibility in who’s available? When are they available? Who is working on what? Remote workers need to make consistent efforts to stay connected at all times. For individuals, it’s easy to limit communication to short messages or emails. However, for project managers, architects and team leaders, it often gets cumbersome to stay in touch with people working across time zones. Between teams, it is critical to foster a spirit of healthy communication at all levels.

AI-driven tools can help companies just right. There are dedicated meetings solutions in the market which are powered by artificial intelligence which makes remote communication a piece of cake. Since meetings are a primary part of any business, AI tools can help managers ensure everyone is on the same page and business goes as usual. AI tools can automatically capture and provide information during meetings, create dynamic Minutes of Meeting (MoM) and much more. In a nutshell, AI tools can reduce digital impatience, save time and make service flow efficient than ever in a remote working environment.

Real-Time Support

Since the pandemic, customer call volumes and online interactions have multiplied drastically. With a limited workforce in hand, traditional ticketing tools might not be able to suffice for the surge in the number of tickets. Customer agents often get confused with the flood of incoming tickets. Luckily, there are AI solutions available which not only ensure better services, quick resolution or greater revenues but also capturing customer sentiment. Companies can analyze the effectiveness of real-time support on metrics collected by AI support tools. Know whether the issues are getting resolved as soon as possible, or not!

AI-powered customer assistance can also be deployed to cater to basic information to customers and resolve their queries. These tools can help your organization deliver to-the-point information and that too in the shortest timespan possible. These AI real-time support tools can enable enterprises to work smart and take care of their customers like never before. Virtual assistants, agent-facing bots, automated routing for prioritization, sentiment analysis are all disruptive technologies. If deployed the right way, companies can upgrade their customer experience and become more competitive than ever. Around the clock support has become a necessity in today’s time, AI tools are at your disposal to make it happen.

Virtual Meetings

To ace your personal and business goals, you must create captivating remote presentation slides. Gone are the days when you could come up with a PowerPoint presentation made on a stock template. The audience of today expects a customized presentation centred around them. Unlike in-person presentations where you can present yourself on stage, virtual presentations are a lot different. It is just the slides and your voice. Remote presentations must have thoughtful slide design and imagery while featuring a compelling narrative. It is your presentation, but the focus should be on your remote participants, listeners and viewers.

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PowerPoint comes with AI-powered features that help you create compelling presentations real-quick. Based on your brand’s persona, the PowerPoint Designer generates slide designs that might work for you. With just a few clicks, you can now create PowerPoint presentations fit for corporate. The AI-based PowerPoint designer by Microsoft can give insightful design recommendations and help companies adhere to brand guidelines better. While creating a presentation, the AI-features will suggest relevant photos, themes, styles, backgrounds that can be incorporated into slides for good. With Artificial Intelligence presentation tools, you are no longer required to start from scratch ever again.

Global Talent

Most of the companies have preferred to hire local talent. With the surge in remote working, companies are going for talent across the border. Talent acquisition is going global for them. AI is making remote work seamless without making people relocate. There is no denying that Artificial Intelligence is the job skill of the future. We are already experiencing an AI and Big Data revolution.

Wrapping up

Companies can combat remote working challenges with AI and ensure growth. To stay relevant in the market, no business can sustain a loss of work due to remote work. AI couples well with remote work. AI solutions will self-improvise by leveraging the data collected over time, hence, helping businesses make better choices and accomplish goals.

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