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HKSTP’s Global Talent Mission Hits Top Gear with “Gamified Career Journey in Live” Event and Hong Kong’s Largest I&T Career Expo Kick-Off

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I&T Career Expo 2023 offers 2,500+ jobs from over 250 companies to attract global talent

HONG KONG–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) is taking its “Talent Game On 2K23” talent programme to another level with its finale – the “Gamified Career Journey in Live” event, plus the official kick-off for Hong Kong’s largest innovation and technology (I&T) career expo. The simultaneous events mark a high point in HKSTP’s commitment to build Hong Kong into a leading hub for global tech talent.

Ms Fanny Wong, Head of Talents and Human Resources, HKSTP, said: “Hong Kong is truly back on the world stage with the return of major international events and a revival of economic activity, which makes this the perfect moment for our I&T sector to shine. HKSTP is reaching out more than ever to the global I&T community, drawing more young talent and tech companies to our city. With the co-launch of the Gamified Career Journey in Live event and I&T Career Expo 2023, we are showcasing I&T career opportunities to both tech and non-tech talent, which is proof that HKSTP and Hong Kong is now open to all.”

The “Gamified Career Journey in Live” event continues from the earlier Talent Quest online challenge and leads participants on am interactive physical experience. Over 500 participants embarked on an immersive career discovery journey in a showcase of how I&T can be a diverse and rewarding career path for people of all backgrounds and disciplines.

Participants can connect face-to-face and be inspired by innovators from Park companies including flight simulation technology provider, Aeroism, and food upcycling startup Breer. Experts from Microsoft were also on hand to talk on the hot topic of Open AI and JobsDB presented an outlook on I&T careers and salary trends.

The in-person gamified event also kicked off the Hong Kong I&T Career Expo 2023, the city’s largest tech career fair. Like last year, it is going virtual this year to reach an even bigger global audience and prove how Hong Kong is back in the eyes of the global tech community. Running from 18 March to 17 April, the Expo offers jobseekers, young talent, fresh graduates, and university students, a one-click process to reach over 2,500 I&T job opportunities from over 250 companies in the hottest tech sectors of AI & data, biotech, fintech, and robotics, among others.

Both the “Gamified Career Journey in Live” and Hong Kong I&T Career Expo 2023 are a part of HKSTP’s “Talent Game On 2K23” programme, which began in mid-February with its Talent Quest online game that has attracted over 100,000 players and 2,000 registered jobseekers. Talent Game On 2K23 represents a major success in HKSTP’s annual talent drive and is advancing the city-wide mission to grow local talent and also attract global talent into the city’s I&T talent pool.

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I&T Career Expo 2023:

Hong Kong I&T Career Expo 2023 key figures and highlights:

  • 2,500+ job opportunities (InnoHK: 542; INNOPARK: 131)
  • 250+ tech companies participating
  • 70%+ open jobs for overseas and the Greater Bay Area’s talent
  • 55%+ companies with offices in GBA or overseas
  • 80%+ jobs in areas of technology and R&D
  • 60%+ jobs at entry level, 25%+ at middle level
  • 65%+ jobs for bachelor’s holders, 8%+ jobs for doctorate holders

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