Securing Success: Highlights from CISO Brisbane 2023

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CISO Brisbane

CISO Brisbane 2023 marked its second year of successful gatherings, hosted at the Hilton Hotel this week. Over the course of two packed days, the event brought together some of Queensland’s most distinguished cyber and information security executives to delve into topics related to leadership, awareness, and a holistic approach to cybersecurity.

The event commenced with a captivating keynote presentation by David Chantler, who shared valuable insights into strategies for protecting against ransomware. He emphasized the importance of addressing ransomware not just as a technical challenge but also as a strategic business concern, offering effective ways to enhance an organization’s security posture.

Following David’s presentation, Matt Preswick engaged the audience with an intriguing keynote on common cloud attack vectors and strategies for prevention. He highlighted the collaborative efforts between security and development teams in managing risks throughout the development pipeline. Mick McHugh and Nathan Morelli then provided invaluable insights into shifting cybersecurity from a stance of restraint to one that supports business growth. This thought-provoking discussion was facilitated by Ivar van den Berge MSc, CISM.

Heinrich Viljoen tackled the fundamentals of a robust cybersecurity strategy, emphasizing its significance in securing adequate funding and resources. He was succeeded by Tim Bentley, who delivered an insightful presentation on the growing threat of attackers exploiting vulnerabilities in generative AI and how organizations can protect themselves from emerging threats in this domain.

One of the standout sessions was a fireside chat focused on bridging the cybersecurity talent gap. Gabriela Guiu-Sorsa, Hande Arıcı, and Lynore Close shared their personal journeys and inspired attendees to reevaluate their approaches to talent acquisition, providing insights on nurturing cybersecurity talent within organizations.

Ben Kereopa-Yorke MCybSec provided a comprehensive overview of AI, covering policy, ethics, ChatGPT, and Machine Learning security. Benjamin Di Marco delved into the impacts of recent breaches and their financial repercussions.

Tynagh Songberg moderated a panel discussion on the compliance burden, gaining valuable insights from Rohan Dwyer, Jeremy Leong FCPA, and Pearse Courtney regarding the cost implications of compliance and effective strategies for adhering to standards such as CPS 234, CPG 234, CPG 235, ISO27001, NIST, Essential 8, and others.

Chelsey Costello and Aisha Romilly-Rowe infused positivity into the event by facilitating a mental health roundtable. They encouraged participants to share challenges and propose solutions, addressing a critical issue faced by cybersecurity professionals daily.

The event concluded with a panel on mastering communication with the board, moderated by Ivar van den Berge MSc, CISM. Jack Cross, Merry Christina, Bradley Kjeldsen, Daniel Thompson, and Vanessa Wong engaged in a dynamic discussion, exploring the challenges of gaining board support and effective methods for conveying cybersecurity messages.

The two days were filled with interactive sessions, learning opportunities, and valuable networking. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the speakers for sharing their knowledge and experiences, helping peers overcome common challenges, and fortifying their organizations’ cybersecurity postures.

The event was made successful thanks to the generous support of sponsors including:

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