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HappyCo Debuts Open API Marketplace; Empowers Property Owners and Managers to Centralize and Automate Multifamily Operations

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  • Free integrations with industry-leading PropTech solutions power flexibility, interoperability, and customization at the individual property and portfolio level
  • Experience at Apartmentalize 2024 an open innovation ecosystem that optimizes single-view, end-to-end workflows and eliminates data silos

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–HappyCo, a leading provider of multifamily operations software solutions and services, announced today the debut of its open API marketplace – HappyCo Plugins – to transform fragmented point solutions into a centralized, automated, and flexible operations hub. This powerful new capability enables property owners and managers to tailor their tech stacks and streamline solutions with the push of a button. With seamless, no-cost integration, technology partners swiftly plug into HappyCo to connect customers with end-to-end workflow support from vendor management and 3D skills-based training to automated market surveys and beyond.

“A common complaint from owners and operators across the nation is that there are too many systems struggling to connect and talk to one another for their teams. Technology vendors, on the other hand, cite exorbitant fees just to integrate with these systems,” said Jindou Lee, founder and CEO of HappyCo. “At HappyCo, we believe in continuously driving the industry forward. We are excited to introduce an open ecosystem that is free for partnered vendors to integrate and work together, providing owners and operators a ‘single pane of glass’ interface to drive operational efficiencies across their organizations.”

Integrations Deliver End-to-End Workflow Support

Bringing long-awaited simplicity to property owners and managers, teams, and solutions providers, HappyCo Plugins facilitates seamless data flow between its platform and integration partners. It also empowers customers with the specific features and functionalities they need to optimize operational efficiency, performance, and resident satisfaction. At launch, partners include Wreno, Amenify, HelloData, Interplay Learning, Level, Moved, Pineapple, Propexo, ResMan, SureApp, and Source7.

“Wreno and HappyCo share the same dedication to centralizing and streamlining critical property management processes,” said Charlotte Schell, CEO and co-founder at Wreno. “By integrating each piece of the vendor relationship, from compliance checks to onboarding and sourcing new vendors, operators will have a unified platform to manage all of their maintenance needs, whether in-house by technicians or through third-party companies.”

AI-powered Centralized Maintenance Lays Foundation

Debuting on the heels of Centralized Maintenance, HappyCo Plugins marks a milestone in the company’s mission to transform operations through intelligent automation. Already unifying and standardizing maintenance workflows with full-team access to data at the single property and portfolio levels, Centralized Maintenance delivers at-a-glance visibility into all workloads and workflows. With AI-powered capabilities that include intelligent work orders, automated scheduling, digital make ready, and resident self-serve, early adopters are already seeing benefits in cutting maintenance response times from hours to minutes.

“A centralized, automated approach to operations streamlines processes and helps our teams work smarter, not harder,” said Owen Fleming, Director of Capital Projects at HNN Communities. “With HappyCo, automated scheduling and real-time dashboards are accelerating maintenance response times, driving resident satisfaction and a stronger bottom line. The visibility we gain into asset management through Centralized Maintenance empowers proactive, data-driven decisions. Now, with HappyCo Plugins, we can customize our tech stack with integrated solutions tailored to our business needs.”

“Centralization puts data at our fingertips, which continues to optimize operational efficiencies. Much of that vital data comes from maintenance, especially work orders,” added Mylisa Rostel, CEO of Anchor NW Property Group. “Centralized Maintenance provides the data visibility to identify CapEx needs across our entire portfolio, enhance new and existing vendor relationships, and discover which technician is best equipped to respond to each work order. With maintenance being our number one resident amenity, HappyCo has become a key strategy.”

Experience the Power of Partnership at Apartmentalize

At this year’s Apartmentalize, attendees can experience live demos of Centralized Maintenance and the seamless functionality provided by HappyCo Plugins. On June 19th, HappyCo Chief Product Officer Ben Nowacky will take the stage with industry-leading innovators and operators, Mylisa Rostel, CEO of Anchor NW Property Group, and multifamily executive and advisor Sherry Frietas to uncover the misconceptions and myths in centralization by sharing real-world strategies.

“As new solutions emerge, HappyCo Plugins enable streamlined access, helping customers stay ahead of the property technology curve while at the same time lowering adoption curves and the time, cost, and complexities spent on change management,” said Nowacky. “But what’s really exciting is the flexibility and future-readiness an open API architecture provides; it’s a true open ecosystem that will push partnership, innovation, and resident satisfaction forward across multifamily operations and the industry.”

To learn more about HappyCo Plugins and Centralized Maintenance, visit To book a demo and RSVP to the curated series of HappyCo Plugins partner events during Apartmentalize 2024, head to

About HappyCo

HappyCo is a leading provider of multifamily operations solutions, offering a comprehensive suite of services and tools to optimize property management and maintenance workflows. Centralized Maintenance leverages AI and automation to streamline maintenance operations and drive new levels of efficiency and resident satisfaction. HappyCo’s commitment to drive innovation and partnership forward with open API integrations helps the multifamily industry thrive in an era of rapid change and digital transformation. The company was founded in 2011 and is based in San Diego, CA. For more, visit


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