HANNOVER MESSE – World’s leading platform for hydrogen and fuel cells

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Hannover Messe 2023

Around 500 companies will be showcasing their solutions for hydrogen production, storage, transport, and consumption at the upcoming Hannover Messe from April 17 to 21. The EU Commission has set a target of installing electrolyzers with a capacity of at least 40 gigawatts by 2030 to produce 10 million tons of green hydrogen in stages. This presents significant opportunities for all participating companies.

The global hydrogen economy has led to the emergence of numerous new and innovative companies worldwide. In Germany’s southern Harz region, the technology has sparked a growth spurt. Maximator Hydrogen, an exhibitor at the event, manufactures hydrogen filling stations and has experienced steady growth, aiming for 50 million euros in sales in its fifth year of operation. The company is expanding its production space and construction is currently in progress. With an order backlog exceeding 100 million euros, Maximator Hydrogen is experiencing significant demand.

The hydrogen economy is benefiting many European small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that are actively engaged in developing new solutions for hydrogen generation, infrastructure, transport, storage, and refueling. The Hydrogen + Fuel Cells EUROPE special display at HANNOVER MESSE will feature around 300 exhibitors, including established companies such as Bosch, Iberdrola, Schaeffler, Siemens, Linde, and Emerson, who will showcase their solutions at the event.

With an international outlook, the hydrogen industry will take center stage in Hall 13, where global decision-makers will converge to discuss new hydrogen and fuel cell technologies and applications across an exhibition area spanning approximately 8,000 square meters. In addition to companies from Germany and Europe, numerous exhibitors from China, Japan, South Korea, the United States, and Canada will also be present at the event.

Norway, a key partner in Germany and Europe’s future plans will have a strong presence at the show. Equinor and RWE, based in Germany, have recently signed an agreement to produce hydrogen in Norway and export it to Germany via pipeline, as well as convert gas-fired power plants to hydrogen and jointly develop offshore wind farms. Statkraft and Germany’s HH2E have also announced their agreements with Norway-based NEL to purchase electrolyzers for hydrogen factories in several European countries. NEL, one of 14 Norwegian companies present at the event, will showcase their latest generation of electrolyzers at the exhibition.

Europe currently produces and consumes approximately 80 million tons of hydrogen per year, and this figure is on the rise. The primary challenge facing the industry is to transition from gray hydrogen, which is based on fossil energy sources, to green hydrogen. The EU Commission has set an ambitious goal to replace gray hydrogen with green hydrogen by 2030. However, achieving this goal will require a significant increase in the number of electrolyzers installed, and there are only seven years left to reach the target.

The Fraunhofer Institute reports that the most efficient hydrogen production technology is currently developed in Belgium, where ZIRFON separators are used for alkaline electrolysis (AEL). Manufacturers of electrolyzers and hydrogen production projects around the world are utilizing these separators due to their durability and sustained high productivity, as confirmed by the developers.

Hydrogen is not only a focus in Europe, as many companies are also investing in China. Refire, for instance, has reported that it is already running over 4,000 fuel cell trucks. At the exhibition, Audrey Ma, Vice President at Refire, will be discussing the future of hydrogen in heavy-duty trucks with European industry representatives, such as Jens Fleckenstein from Daimler Truck and Yves Dumoulin from the FORVIA Group.

The Hydrogen + Fuel Cells EUROPE exhibition will feature two concurrent forums organized by the event, the Public Forum and the Technical Forum.

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