Business Wire Data Scientist #1 in Kaggle Rankings

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– is proud to announce that employee Philipp Singer has won his place as the #1 Kaggle Grandmaster in the world.

A community with over 6 million members, Kaggle is a platform where AI coders compete on projects., a visionary leader in the AI space, has 20 Grandmasters, including the current number one and number two in the world.

“I am incredibly grateful to have achieved world No. 1 rank on the global Kaggle competition leaderboard. This has been an amazing journey where I learned many new things and met wonderful and talented people. I want to thank everyone who has accompanied me along the way, including all my colleagues at, my competition teammates, as well as Kaggle admins, hosts, and the whole community,” said Philipp Singer, Senior Data Scientist at

Singer’s role at is multi-faceted, regularly involved in supporting customer-facing projects with his data science expertise to further the mission to democratize AI. Additionally, he is known in the company for always striving to utilize his experience and knowledge about the state of the art to improve products and develop new bleeding-edge prototypes and solutions.

You can also find two former #1s, Marios Michailidis and Guanshuo Xu (currently #2) at Like Singer, they work on a wide variety of customer-facing projects.

Join Singer, Michailidis, Xu, and other Kaggle Grandmasters from on their live stream on March 9th, 2021, at 9 A.M. PST, and the second Tuesday every month on the Twitch channel.

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