A simple guide to optimising online business presence

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Optimising Online Business

With little to no experience, optimising your online businesses presence can seem like a minefield. It’s easy to get lost in the numbers and believe that your follower count or number of page likes will impact your online presence but, when looking back at the basics, it really isn’t the be all or end all.  Absolute Digital takes a closer look at the different ways you can boost your businesses online presence without getting too caught up in your page or site stats.


First impressions count, which is why you need to make sure that the visuals on your website a high-quality and stand out! If you are using stock photos, then consider adding a filter to add a unique twist to the image and, more importantly, your website. To ensure that your site isn’t too stock image heavy, consider how the use of illustrations and infographics can break up large pieces of text and be of use on social media, too.

Engage in Online Communities

Engaging in online communities is one of the most effective ways to increase your web presence, enabling you to connect with your target audience. Plus, by engaging with these communities, you can rest assured that they have the same interests as you and your business, allowing you to learn more about your audience by location, language and even niche.

Grow Your Audience Via Email

Incorporating sign-up forms on your website is an excellent way to build a list of contacts whom you can regularly send promotional emails to. Essentially, it’s an easy way to keep your customers in the loop and up to date with what’s happening with your business. Here, you can also test different types of content and imagery and determine what your target audience respond the best to, helping you to finetune your social media marketing strategy, boosting your online business presence.

Connect with Influencers

Whether you have just begun to optimise your online business presence or want to try out something a little bit different, connecting with influencers is a great way to ensure that your brand continues to produce and share authentic content. In short, by connecting with influencers that are relevant to your brand, you can create a stronger brand awareness which will encourage more sales and – you guessed it – a firm online business presence.

Generate A Buzz

Whilst you can connect with influencers on almost any channel, one of the most effective ways to generate a buzz is via social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. On these platforms, you can track exactly how many people have responded to your Instagram post or Tweet, enabling you to delve even deeper into your audience demographics, interests and more.

If you want to optimise your online business presence fast, then we suggest ensuring that your website features high-quality visuals and utilising social media to generate a buzz and connect with influencers to enhance your brands presence across these platforms. How do you plan on increasing your brand awareness in 2020?

Guest Author- Rebecca Wills

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