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GST Memorandum: Request for Inputs on GST issues faced by IT-BPM Industry

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As you may be aware, NASSCOM periodically submits a consolidated memorandum to GST Council and GST Policy Wing highlighting key GST issues faced by our Industry across India.

We are again in the process of identifying GST issues that needs Government intervention. We want to focus on top 10-12 issues that are impacting the Industry with considerable financial ramifications or issues that are being interpreted adversely and leading to prolonged litigation.

Please feel free to send us inputs on challenges being faced on the GSTN portal. While these will not be included in the GST memorandum, we would be happy to collate technical glitches/ issues and take them separately with CBIC and GSTN.

In this regard, we would request you to send your inputs to before November 10, 2021 in the following format:













Copy of our last GST memorandum is attached for your reference.

We look forward to receiving your inputs.