Google Workspace updates Gmail with new integrated marketing tools

Google Workspace

Google has added two new features to Gmail, which will allow users to create announcements and newsletters, and send professional-looking emails quickly and easily to large audiences.  

Layout for creating branded emails 

With this feature, the user can select from a predefined set of email templates the feature images, text elements, and buttons user wishes to use in his/her email and further customize these templates with color schemes, logos, images, footer text, and links of his/her choice. 

gmail layout

Steps to create a branded email 

  • Open Gmail on your computer and click Compose. 
  • At the bottom of the window, click Layouts and if you haven’t used layouts before, click Customize styling. 
  • Now fill in the details for building your design. Customize your layout with logos, colors, fonts, images, footer details, and links. 
  • Once you have changed your preferences, click Save & continue. Style changes will apply only to the new email layout. You may also include your business name and address in the footer details. 
  • Select a layout and click Insert. 
  • After adding the layout to the body of the email, you can add text and images or remove unwanted sections. 
  • For changing an image in the layout, click the image and then Change the image. Select a new image, crop it as required and click insert. 

Multi-send for email marketing and campaigns 

Send mass emails with this feature without the need to BCC all recipients. Multi-send emails include an unsubscribe link unique to each recipient by default so that anyone who unsubscribes can be automatically excluded from your future multi-send emails. 

gmail multisend

You can use multi-send mode in Gmail for creating email campaigns and sending newsletters and announcements. This feature enables you to add up to 1,500 recipients in the “To” field. Maximum 1 recipient can be added in the “Cc” or “Bcc” field while in multi-send mode. Any recipient added in the “Cc” or “Bcc” field will be copied to each outgoing email.  

To add recipients to your email, type or paste in recipients or use a contact list to add multiple recipients at once. When you add a recipient to the “To” field, the multi-send feature emails each contact individually without letting the recipients know who else you emailed. 

New Admin settings 

Google is rolling out the admin setting to control whether the new layout and multi-send features are on or off for users. At present, these features are only available for Gmail on the web. 

The layout feature is ON by default and at the domain level. Admins can turn layouts on or off for specific domains, organizational units, or groups.  

Multi-Send is restricted to internal recipients by default for Google Workspace Enterprise Starter and above, and Google Workspace for Education customers. This feature is available by default for external recipients for Google Workspace Business and non-profit customers. Admins can turn multi-send ON for external recipients at the organizational unit or Group level for all Google Workspace editions. 

These features will not be available to Google Workspace Essentials, Education Fundamentals, Education Teaching & Learning, Business Starter, Enterprise Essentials, and Frontline customers as well as legacy G Suite Business customers. 

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