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Google looking to incorporate AI writing tool in the ChromeOS

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In a bid to further strengthen its position in the AI race, Google intends to incorporate an artificial intelligence (AI) integrated writing and editing tool into its Chromebooks.

Reportedly, the confidential project that has been given multiple codenames, some of which are “Orca”, “Mako” and “Manta”, is supposed to transform the way users work with text content.

The feature will present itself in the right-click menu of the ChromeOS text editor as “Orca”. Upon clicking on it, “Orca” will bring forth the “Mako UI” which will appear as a floating “bubble”. The “Mako UI” is said to be built to provide 3 functionalities:

  • Rewrite capabilities: The user will be provided with AI generated alternatives to the selected text.
  • Preset Text Queries: The feature will provide a range of prompts similar to that of the text content, enabling a person to present the text in their preferred style of writing.
  • Insert: The “Mako UI” will smoothly incorporate the AI refined content at the point where the end user left off, resulting in a content that is consistent and blends flawlessly with the writer’s content..

The “Manta” however, is related to the cumulative process of sending the written content of the end user to the Google server and the generation of the AI-enhance content. “Manta” will allow AI to further refine and train its algorithm. However, like Google’s other AI tools like Bard AI and Google Compose, the user will have to specifically give consent before their write-ups are sent to the server.

Google has been transparent in their aim of incorporating AI and ML (machine learning) in as many of it possible. Though still in its initial stages, “Orca” integration directly in the ChromeOS means the end users will be able to generate better text in almost all of the apps.

The AI tool is expected to be exclusive to Chromebook X and may not be available to most of the current Chromebooks.

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