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Google launches its own wordsmith: The ‘Help Me Write’

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Help Me Write

Dying to go on a vacation, but not sure what to tell your boss? Or are you wondering how to approach your existing client regarding the new product your company has launched? Google is here to save the day. Amidst a lot of excitement regarding the Bard AI, Google also announced the introduction of the new feature ‘Help Me Write’ in the Google I/O 2023. The tool will be integrated into Gmail and Google Docs and will assist users to draft emails and essays according to their requirements with just one-line prompts.

The feature is a part of the generative AI i.e. Duet AI for Google Workspace which the company is incorporating across all Workspace apps. The tool uses Google’s Large Language Model to write emails as well as essays and is only available to users who have signed up for Google Workspace Labs. Its availability is currently limited and is rumoured will be more freely available to users towards the end of 2023.

The ‘Help Me Write’ feature appears as a button as soon as you open the doc. As you start writing, the button will keep suggesting texts that you can incorporate according to your content. Once you click on the button, a box opens, where you can write a prompt and click ‘Create’ to get the AI to generate content for you. The feature allows you to ‘Recreate’ until you find something that works for you, after which you can ‘Insert’ the draft into your document.

The tool also gives you the opportunity to adjust the tone of the text as well. Whether you want the content to sound professional, catchy, confident or relaxed, you just need to specify, and the AI will generate matter accordingly. You are also given a ‘Refine” option which you can formalize, shorten, elaborate, or rephrase your content according to your needs.

The ‘Help Me Write’ feature not only helps you write the entire text, but it also allows you to modify a certain section of the text. Select the part you need to modify and specify the modification you need, and AI will comply.

However, it is very important to keep in mind that the tool is still in its development phase and is liable to make errors. Plagiarism, misinformation, and banal texts are some of the feature’s shortcomings. Heavily editing your text, keeping a lookout for placeholders, rechecking facts and being very specific when using prompts, are all practices that will help you to churn out better content.

There are no two opinions, that ‘Help Me Write’ is a brilliant tool that can help users to increase productivity, save time and get out of difficult situations like writer’s block. But it is still a feature that needs to be worked on a lot. Giving constant feedback to its responses will help the AI generate better responses in the future.

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