Google improves security of enterprise devices with Endpoint Verification

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Endpoint Verification

Google has unveiled a new offering called Endpoint Verification, which will allow enterprises to oversee the security posture of desktops used by employees to access enterprise applications and data.

The Endpoint Verification will be available for all the core services including the enterprise editions of G Suite, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Google Identity.

Google said that its new product will provide companies a centralized view of the desktop devices used by employees. The administrators will be able to keep an eye on all the devices, and check security status of any specific device.

“While corporate devices are the key to employee productivity, they can also be the weak link when it comes to application and data security,” wrote Google in a blog post.

“Having that inventory of what computers employees are using provides valuable information which the enterprise can use to maintain security.”

Using Endpoint Verification, the companies can check if the devices are using an outdated version of operating system, monitor security settings, as well as check if disk encryption is enabled. Further, the tool can also allow admins to see if the device screen gets locked when the user is away.

With the rise in use of bring your own device (BYOD) and multiple platforms in the enterprise, the number of endpoints increases. This makes it difficult for admins to deploy and maintain full MDM (mobile device management) solutions.

Google believes that its new tool will work as a lightweight alternative to traditional MDM platforms, since it is integrated with the cloud services of the company.

Endpoint Verification consists a Chrome extension and a native app which collects the data from the device. It will be compatible with the devices running Windows, Mac, and ChromeOS operating system.

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