Google and FogHorn join hands to simplify deployment of industrial IoT 

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FogHorn Systems, a US-based software development company, announced its partnership with Google Cloud to optimize deployment and impact of industrial IoT on businesses.

The Industrial IoT is simply the implementation of IoT for industrial purposes. It includes machine learning and big data technology, sensor data, as well as automation in industries.

As a part of the partnership, FogHorn will integrate its IIoT platform called Lightning edge intelligence software, with Google Cloud IoT Core.

FogHorn’s Lightning platform is an intelligent solution which delivers low latency for data processing, real-time analytics, machine learning and AI capabilities. It enables data processing at the source of sensor data to optimize the data which is published to cloud for further processing and analytics.

Google Cloud IoT Core, which became generally available just last month, is a fully managed service to help securely connect and manage globally dispersed IoT devices. It enables business insights in real time from data across these devices and publish them to Cloud Pub/Sub for downstream analytics.

“Cloud IoT Core simply and securely brings the power of Google Cloud’s world-class data infrastructure capabilities to the IIoT market,” said Antony Passemard, Head of IoT Product Management at Google Cloud. “By combining industry-leading edge intelligence from FogHorn, we’ve created a fully-integrated edge and cloud solution that maximizes the insights gained from every IoT device. We think it’s a very powerful combination at exactly the right time.”

Cloud IoT Core also allows enterprises to leverage Google BigQuery, Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine and Google Data Studio for industrial purposes.

The joint solution built using Cloud IoT Core and FogHorn’s Lightning will optimize the distributed assets and processing in mining, oil and gas, manufacturing, power and water, renewable energy, transportation, connected vehicles, smart homes and smart cities.

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Our integration with Google Cloud harmonizes the workload and creates new efficiencies from the edge to the cloud across a range of dimensions,” said David King, CEO at FogHorn“This approach simplifies the rollout of innovative, outcome-based IIoT initiatives to improve organizations’ competitive edge globally, and we are thrilled to bring this collaboration to market with Google Cloud.”

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