Google rolls out Dialogflow Enterprise Edition for building conversational apps 

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Google announced the general availability of Dialogflow Enterprise Edition, a cloud service that can be used to build digital conversational interfaces like Google Assistant. It was available in beta since November last year.

This technology came to Google when it acquired the startup called API.AI in 2016 and renamed it to Dialogflow. It comes with pre-trained natural language processing and machine learning models. This allows developers to create chat apps that work across different devices without any change in coding as the chat apps will work seamlessly across different voice interface platforms, like Amazon Alexa, Facebook Messenger and Google Assistant.

As per Google, Dialogflow is already used by numerous developers to create voice and text-based conversational experiences powered by machine learning and natural language processing.

“Starting today, Dialogflow API V2 is generally available and is now the default for all new agents, integrating with Google Cloud Speech-to-Text, enabling agent management via API, supporting gRPC and providing an easy transition to Enterprise Edition with no code migration,” wrote Dan Aharon, Product Manager, Cloud AI, in a blog post.

Aharon also mentioned some of the improvements made in Dialogflow since its beta launch. It now supports 30 languages and locales, including Hindi, Danish and Thai.

A new feature called batch operations allows users to combine operations that would have required multiple API calls, into a single API call. It reduces the code surface and development time.

Developers can integrate features of Google Assistant into Dialogflow agent using the actions on Google client library.

The announcement of the Dialogflow Enterprise Edition follows the launch of recent AI-based Cloud Text-to-Speech platform. This platform allows developers to use the same text-to-speech technology which Google uses for its own products like Maps and Google Assistant.

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Dialogflow Enterprise Edition comes with a support package and service level agreement (SLA).

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