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Google’s Cloud IoT Core now generally available 

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Cloud IoT Core, Google’s fully managed service to help securely connect and manage globally dispersed IoT devices, is now generally available after being available in beta version since September last year.

Google Cloud IoT Core was launched last year in collaboration with NXP Semiconductors, to tap in the smart city and enterprise deployments.

When combined with other services like data analytics and machine learning (Cloud AutoML) of Google, Cloud IoT Core can enable users to collect, process, analyze, and visualize IoT data in real time to improve operational efficiency by getting actionable insights.

“For example, imagine you have a device that publishes multiple types of data, such as temperature, humidity and logging data. By directing these data streams to their own individual Pub/Sub topics, you can eliminate the need to separate the data into different categories after publishing,” wrote Indranil Chakraborty, Product Manager, Google Cloud, in a blog post. 

Google has been accelerating its efforts for IoT adoption. This month itself, Google had taken a step ahead by acquiring Xively IoT platform from LogMeIn for $50 million. The acquisition was aimed at providing a completely managed IoT service, complementing Google Cloud’s efforts to safely link, manage and ingest data from millions of globally dispersed devices.

Furthermore, Google is enabling a Cloud IoT Core partner ecosystem, which will help companies to build custom IoT solutions that perfectly complement their businesses.

Google has several device partners including Cisco, Intel, Microchip, whose hardware work seamlessly with Cloud IoT Core. On the other hand, Google’s application partners help customers in building solutions using IoT Core and Google Cloud services.

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Cloud IoT Core is priced per MB of data exchanged by IoT devices with the service after a 250MB free tier. Data volume is based on data exchanged by devices that are connected to Cloud IoT Core.

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