Google brings Chrome browser to Daydream VR headsets

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Google is bringing the Chrome browser to its VR (virtual reality) platform called Daydream.

The users of Google Daydream View and Lenovo Mirage Solo headsets will be able to launch Chrome right from the homepage, and natively surf the internet in VR.

Google had debuted its Daydream headsets at the Google I/O developer conference in May 2016. These headsets are currently available for $99 from Google’s web store.

The users can access all the features of Chrome in Daydream headset which they access on other devices. These features include voice search, incognito mode, saved bookmarks, etc.

“With Chrome now integrated into Daydream, you can start browsing on your phone, whether it is reading your favorite news article or watching a YouTube video, and easily switch to your headset,” wrote Gordon Brander, Chrome UX Engineer, in a blog post.

Additionally, Google has also added the VR features like cinema mode to Chrome integration, which will optimize the web video for best viewing experience in VR.

For the users who prefer to use VR headset for specific content, the new functionality will allow them to start browsing on phone, and then shift to headset for VR experience.

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To launch Chrome on a Google Daydream View or Lenovo Mirage Solo, the users will have to update Chrome on Android to the latest version from Google Play.

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