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Google Assistant redesigned with new visual interfaces and development tools

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Google is redesigning its virtual assistant to make it even easier for users to get things done whether they prefer to use hands, voice, or both.

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), Google Assistant was launched two years ago. Google said that around half of interactions with Assistant include both voice and touch.

“The new design combines the best of text and talk on your phone, giving you the relevant information right when you need it. Just ask your Google Assistant for something on your phone, and then you can interact with images, sliders and buttons to get the help you need in a fraction of the time,” wrote Manuel Bronstein, vice president of product for Google Assistant, in a blog post.

The virtual assistant now includes bigger visuals so that users can glance them easily and quickly. There are new controls and sliders for managing smart home devices. For example, the new dials can be used to adjust brightness of lights, and sliders to control speaker volume.

While composing a message, users will be able to add commas, change words, or make quick edits, by using fingers.

Android users will have additional advantage when they access an overview of the day. They will get curated information on the basis of time of the day and recent interactions with Google Assistant.

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Furthermore, Google Assistant now comes with new development tools, which will help developers and brands to take full advantage of mobile screen. For instance, Starbucks now has thumbnails to select from suggested items on their menus.

Last month, Google had added bilingual support to the Assistant, which was aimed at households using more than one language. Bilingual support allows users to select any two languages from English, Spanish, German, French and Japanese. It allows users to converse with the Assistant in two languages at a time without changing language settings.

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