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Google and Mandiant merger to bring comprehensive cyber security capabilities to customers

Google Mandiant

Google LLC completes the acquisition of Mandiant, a recognized dynamic cyber defense, threat intelligence, and incident response services provider. Google Cloud and Mandiant will work together to deliver an end-to-end security operations suite with much more capabilities to support customers across their cloud and on-premise environments. 

“The completion of this acquisition will enable us to deliver a comprehensive and best-in-class cybersecurity solution,” said Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud. “We believe this acquisition creates incredible value for our customers and the security industry at large. Together, Google Cloud and Mandiant will help reinvent how organizations protect themselves, as well as detect and respond to threats.” 

Cybersecurity challenges are increasing in frequency, diversity, and severity. This makes it a very important issue that all organizations need to deal with. Enterprises need to be able to find and respond to malicious actors quickly. They also need actionable intelligence so they can protect themselves against new attacks. 

“Mandiant is driven by a mission to make every organization secure from cyber threats and confident in their readiness,” said Kevin Mandia, CEO, Mandiant. “Combining our 18 years of threat intelligence and incident response experience with Google Cloud’s security expertise presents an incredible opportunity to deliver with the speed and scale that the security industry needs.” Mandiant will join Google Cloud while retaining the Mandiant brand. 

How will the Google Mandiant deal affect customers?  

  • Get greater visibility and actionable insights: The addition of Mandiant Threat Intelligence to Google Cloud security will give security practitioners deeper visibility and expertise from the frontlines. Mandiant’s experience with detecting and responding to sophisticated cyber threats will help Google Cloud customers get actionable insights into the current threats that matter to their businesses. Google Cloud will continue to share ground-breaking Mandiant research to help organizations, even if they don’t run on Google Cloud. 
  • Enable security teams to be proactive: The addition of Mandiant’s attack surface management capabilities to Google Cloud’s portfolio will enable organizations to continually monitor assets for exposures, enabling intelligence. This will allow security teams to move from being reactive to proactive, and thus understand what is vulnerable, misconfigured and exposed. 
  • Enable validation of security controls: After understanding the organization’s attack surface, validating existing security controls is critical. Organizations will be able to continuously validate and measure the effectiveness of their cybersecurity controls across cloud and on-premise environments with Mandiant Security Validation. 
  • Transform security operations and incident response: Google’s Autonomic Security Operations solution is already accelerating the adoption of more modern threat management strategies. The addition of Mandiant to the Google Cloud family will offer proven global expertise in comprehensive incident response, strategic readiness, and technical assurance for helping organizations mitigate threats and reduce business risk during not only an incident before but after it. 
  • Implement effective security capability: By joining forces with Google Cloud, Mandiant and Google Cloud will work together to leverage their frontline intelligence and security expertise to relentlessly protect organizations from cyberattacks and offer solutions to defenders for operating with confidence in their cyber security posture. 

Google and Mandiant have a long commitment to providing industry-leading security. Google has innovated over the past two decades to build some of the most secure computing systems in the world, benefitting Google Cloud customers and partners with world-class threat intelligence, zero trust architecture, and analytics for security operations. Mandiant is known for delivering unparalleled frontline expertise and industry-leading threat intelligence, making it a proven first responder to the world’s largest cybersecurity incidents. The merger of Mandiant and Google Cloud will advance how companies identify and defend against threats.  

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