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Google acquires Velostrata to help enterprises migrate to cloud

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Google is acquiring Velostrata, the leading provider of cloud migration and mobility solutions.

The aim of acquisition is to provide enterprises an easier way to cloud migration, so that they can benefit from what cloud has to offer, like speed, scalability, and access to several technologies.

Velostrata’s platform allows the workloads to transparently migrate to public cloud by decoupling the compute from storage, so that performance doesn’t get any degradation. The company said that it can adapt the stateful workloads on the fly for cloud migration. The platform allows customers to either migrate their entire datacenters or operate in a hybrid cloud environment, and then migrate workloads on-demand.

Before migration, Velostrata separates the virtual machines from the data the use. It moves core components of applications to cloud in just a few minutes. It then adapts the workload configuration settings to target platform, so that it can start running as soon as the migration completes.

“This acquisition, subject to closing conditions, will add to our broad portfolio of migration tools to support enterprises in their journey to the cloud. That way, businesses can simplify their onboarding process to Google Cloud Platform, and easily migrate workloads to Google Compute Engine,” wrote Eyal Manor, VP Engineering, Google Cloud, in a blog post.

“We are proud to join forces and help pave the way for enterprise customers to transform their most demanding enterprise workloads on Google Cloud Platform,” said About Issy Ben-Shaul, CEO and Co-Founder of Velostrata.

Just last month, Velostrata had announced its alliance with Google Cloud Platform to make it easier for enterprises to mass migrate on-premises workloads to GCP.

The companies together had built a new GCP-Velostrata-integrated solution that could perform the workload migration up to five times faster than traditional methods.

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