Global Digital Forum: Discuss the future of interrelationship between Innovation and Business Growth

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Santa Clara Convention Centre to witness a two-day international conference on
“Bridging Innovation and Business Growth” 

Santa Clara Convention Centre, California, USA will be the epi-center for first ever Global Digital Forum, a two-day international conference and exhibition that will confer the interrelationship of new age technologies; IoT, AI Security/Blockchain and Cloud Services with leading industry sectors. The event scheduled for September 2019 will discuss the intersection of key innovations and technologies with sectors like;

  • Financial Services
  • Energy and Environment
  • Retail, Consumer, Media and entertainment
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceutical
  • Government, Infrastructure, Smart Cities
  • Logistics, Transportation and Automotive
  • Manufacturing and Factory Automation

The conference holds confirmed participation of speakers from world’s leading technology giants. With the theme of Bridging Innovation and Business Growth the event will witness keynote addresses from Willam (Bill) Ruh-GE, Mala Anand-SAP, Thomas. M Sible-C3IoT, Jayaraj Nair-Wipro and Brad Keywell-Uptake Technologies. Further to the conference, the program is designed to discuss, “How the new age technologies are game changer at every level of any business”.

The day one of the conference is focused on eight vertical tracks exploring the implementation of latest technologies like AI, Security/Blockchain, Cloud Services and IoT. The second day will discuss an overall understanding of the key innovations through the lens of Startups, Venture Capitalist, Investors and App Developers.

The exhibition area will showcase renowned companies from information technology, software developers, IoT Development Companies and Hardware Manufacturers. The event has a focused approach towards an encouraged participation from across the globe especially BRICS nations as well as emerging markets.

Mr. Prith Banerjee, Convener for Global Digital Forum, said “Global Digital Forum is a leading show which would bring forth the discussions highlighting “How digitally advanced is your sector”. The event will bring together stakeholders from key industries across the globe for 2 days of top level content and discussion. The objective is to explore the implementation of latest technologies like AI, Security/Blockchain, Cloud Services and IoT in different industries like agriculture, infrastructure, oil and gas, retails and more.”

Mr. Khanderao Kand, Senior Director, Big Data & Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning, ORACLE, who is supporting the event as Program committee member said, “The vision of the conference is to position itself as one of a kind event that provides an exclusive platform bringing together business and technology leaders to explore the real-world application of AI, Security/Blockchain, Cloud Services and IoT. GDF is the innovation hub that connects a growing ecosystem of end-users, developers and technology innovators who will come together to experience what’s possible and see how these technologies will transform key industry verticals.

Key Highlights of the Event

  • 15000 visitors
  • 5000 delegates
  • 250 exhibitors
  • 1000+ senior executives
  • 8+ parallel tracks
  • 64 sessions
  • 30+ networking and interactive hours

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Update: The event has been postponed to September 2019, new dates will be announced soon. 

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