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Edge AI Summit 2018 will focus on the intersection between Edge Computing and AI (Artificial Intelligence) on 11th December, 2018 at San Francisco, USA.

Per industry reports, the Edge Computing market is forecasted to reach $34 billion by the year 2023, at CAGR of 35%. In context of Internet of Things, network edge is where the massive amount of digital data is stored. The services and applications at the network edge can be optimized using AI. The recent explosions in hardware innovations further provides compute to migrate the diverse AI workload to the Edge.

Edge AI Summit will discuss the challenges and opportunities lying in this decentralized and distributed intelligence space with 200+ thought leaders and industry practitioners.

Why attend Edge AI Summit 2018?

  • Two interactive workshops and content tracks focused on business and technology.
  • 30+ leading speakers and over 200 thought leaders and industrial practitioners.
  • Over five hours of networking and business development meetings.
  • Learn ways to overcome bottlenecks for various AI use cases within your company.
  • Learn different ways to enable user interfaces and experience with real time AI applications.
  • Find out how you can open new revenue streams with the help of intelligent edge-enabled business models.
  • Analyze your next potential acquisition, partner, investor or competitor in the emerging AI space.
  • Explore commercial and technological advantages of having AI at the Edge with leading edge infrastructure companies, investors, AI developers, and fund managers.
  • Edge winners will be the companies which are able to deploy end-to-end strategies to optimize compute resources from the cloud to the edge. Learn how.

A look at sessions

The sessions will discuss various topics and issues around the following:

  • Edge commercialization session which will focus on investment trends and new business models.
  • Building the Intelligent Edge and the role of cloud in Edge.
  • Migrating from cloud to edge.
  • Training AI models at Edge.
  • Session on developing AI models with ultra-efficiency to manage low power compute platforms.
  • Sessions focused on use cases of Edge AI in law enforcement, smart home, oil & gas, AR, content delivery, autonomous vehicles, and comparison of various edge computing platforms.

Speakers List 

  • Satyen Yadav – GM, IoT Devices, Edge Computing, ML at the Edge, Amazon
  • Moji Solgi – Director, AI & Machine Learning, Axon
  • Yves Boudreau – VP, Partnerships & Ecosystem Strategy, Ericsson
  • Helenio Gilabert – Senior Director, Business Transformation, Schneider Electric
  • Modar Alaoui – Founder & CEO, Eyeris
  • Rahul Vijay – Head of Global Telecom Sourcing, Uber

You can check the entire list here.

Who will be attending?

  • IoT-invested enterprises
  • Edge infrastructure providers
  • Silicon & Systems companies
  • AI Solutions Developers
  • Financial Services, Fund Managers and Investors

Job titles:

  • VP/ Director Technology
  • Independent Developers
  • VP/ Director Product Engineering
  • VP/ Director AI & Machine Learning
  • Chief/ Principal/ Senior Architect
  • VP/ Director Engineering
  • VP/ Director Data Center Infrastructure/ Operations
  • VP/ Director Product Development/ Management
  • Chief/ Principal/ Senior Systems Architect
  • VP/ Director Product Marketing/ Strategy
  • VP/ Director Business Development
  • VP/ Director Business/ Digital Transformation
  • General/Managing Partner
  • Partner, Portfolio/Fund Manager, Principal, VC, Analyst

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