Get ready to experience the AI wave at AI & IoT conference 2018

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International conference on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics & Internet of Things 2018 powered by Conference Series, is all set to begin from August 21-22 at Paris, France.

The AI & IoT conference 2018 will see researchers and experts hailing from robotics, AI & IoT to discuss the latest trending technologies and opportunities in the market through various presentations, poster presentations, keynotes, workshops, exhibitions and panel discussions.

There has been an increased application of AI in various industries like automation, manufacturing, control systems, energy, healthcare, defense, transport, data mining, space etc. As such, this conference will be the ideal platform to share knowledge and ideas amongst innovators and AI professionals.

Why to attend?

The AI & IoT conference 2018 will see a get together of experts, scholars, scientists, researchers, professors from multiple fields to ideate and discuss about the state of artificial intelligence in robotics and internet related sectors. The attendees get the opportunity to interact with eminent researchers and AI experts, meet technocrats from over 25 countries, exhibit and share their research ideas, participate in workshops, symposiums and much more.

There would be interactive panel discussions too where the attendees can participate in Q&As.

Who should attend?

The conference is a must-attend for those who are related to areas like engineering, internet of things, artificial intelligence, information technologies etc. They can utilize and extend their current skills. Target audience includes, but is not limited to the following:

    • Researchers from various fields.
    • Smart innovators
    • Computer science engineers
    • Health Care Service Providers
    • Managers & Business Intelligence Experts
    • Robotic Technologists
    • Students

A look at key sessions

  • Quest for Artificial Intelligence: Dreams and Dreamers

The session is specifically focused on the journey of artificial intelligence and how an idea develops. As such, it is a must-attend for philosophers, writers, science historians, scientists and researchers.

  • Knowledge based systems

A sort of computer program, knowledge-based systems, tend to solve problems with the use of AI. The session will help the researchers to understand how these knowledge-based systems can be used as diagnostic tools.

  • NLP (Natural Language Processing)

This session will highlight how NLP and AI can be used to perform various tasks using human languages.

  • Big Data Analysis

The session will help organizations and industry leaders to understand and gain knowledge on how to utilize their data and find new opportunities through it.

  • Intelligent Automation

The session will help understand the application and importance of automation and how AI contributes to it.

The list of sessions doesn’t end here, there would be many such sessions which would further discuss about future of AI, robotics, a brief history of internet, IoT and much more.

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