Gemalto collaborating with Qualcomm to bring eSIM technology on Snapdragon devices

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Gemalto, the digital security services provider, is collaborating with Qualcomm, the telecom equipment company, to pave way for seamless LTE and forthcoming 5G technology.

As a part of the collaboration, Gemalto will integrate its mobile connectivity solutions with Qualcomm Snapdragon mobile PC platform. Gemalto’s mobile connectivity solutions include eSIM technology and remote subscription management solutions.

The Snapdragon is a suite of system on chip semiconductor products used in a wide range of mobiles, laptops and tablets. The partnership will help Gemalto to bring its mobile connectivity solutions on connected devices like laptops, PCs and tablets.

The eSIM (embedded SIM) will come in the form of an integrated SIM which can not be removed from the device. It is promoted by GSMA, and will be compliant and rewritable by all operators. The users will be able to change operators without having to change the SIM.

Gemalto’s collaboration with Qualcomm will increase the reach of eSIM on the devices with Qualcomm Snapdragon. As a result, the LTE and 5G devices will have extended battery life, and a foundation for consumer applications like online payments, transport ticketing, and authentication to cloud services.

“This new agreement with Qualcomm Technologies aims at accelerating adoption of seamless cellular connectivity in PCs, tablets and other mobile products,” said Frédéric Vasnier, executive vice president for Mobile and IoT at Gemalto. “We are committed to continued innovation with Qualcomm Technologies in order to provide superior built-in security and connectivity experiences.”

The new solution formed with integration of Gemalto’s services and Snapdragon platform will help mobile operators and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to serve larger base of connected devices.

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The first device to incorporate Snapdragon mobile PC platform and Gemalto’s technology will be available in early 2019.

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