Fujitsu and YE Digital launch new distribution center services to address labor shortages, supply chain sustainability in Japan

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Fujitsu YE Digital Collaboration

Fujitsu Limited and YE DIGITAL CORPORATION have recently formed a partnership to offer services aimed at resolving logistics-related societal challenges, particularly focusing on alleviating labor shortages and enhancing sustainable supply chain practices in Japan.

Under the collaboration, the two firms will provide Fujitsu’s WMS (1) services to improve the overall operational efficiency of distribution centers. Additionally, YE DIGITAL’s WES (2) MMLogiStation are designed to automate warehouse tasks for customers in the logistics business. Fujitsu’s role includes facilitating the integration of automated systems in distribution centers, offering assistance in both the development of new centers and the transformation of existing operations. The partnership is set to foster better integration and management of facilities, aiming to automate operations and increase efficiency, thereby promoting the performance of distribution centers.


Players in the logistics sector are increasingly facing pressure to meet diversifying market needs and mitigate human resource shortages. Current strategies are centered around enhancing productivity and work quality by automating distribution center processes. This includes personalization, digitizing operations previously reliant on paper-based systems, deploying real-time work management to monitor various logistics metrics, and incorporating automated tools such as material handling equipment and robots. Despite these initiatives, the pressure in distribution centers is complex, and isolated solutions often fall short of addressing the root cause. To truly capitalize on these improvements, a comprehensive approach that covers all aspects of operations within the distribution centers is highly needed.

Overview of collaboration

By combining the unique capabilities of each company, Fujitsu and YE Digital, including distribution center-related services, that integrate their expertise in automation technologies including business expertise, and robots, Fujitsu and YE Digital will develop a distribution center that offers a comprehensive view of the entire supply chain. This approach is designed to address the complex issues faced by clients in the logistics sector based on Fujitsu’s WMS services and YE Digital’s WES solution.

1. Fujitsu’s WMS services
These services are designed to aid in the management of distribution centers across different sectors, the multiple locations’ management, and provide flexible WMS that allows visualization and analysis of comprehensive business data. Additionally, as part of their consulting services, Fujitsu assists clients in revolutionizing their logistics processes. This includes strategizing for the development of new distribution centers, reforming and enhancing internal operations and delivery processes, and establishing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for operational expenses.

2. YE DIGITAL’s WES MMLogiStation
YE DIGITAL’s WES MMLogiStation plays a crucial role in controlling and managing distribution sites, acting as an intermediary between WMS and WCS. This system facilitates real-time control of automated facilities. By delegating control and management tasks, traditionally handled by WMS, to WES, the system allows for rapid adaptation to operational changes, such as incorporating robots and other automated technologies or altering workflow processes.

Both WMS and WES can effectively introduce automation equipment into distribution centers to heighten the efficiency of on-site operations. By integrating the business management operations of distribution centers requiring multiple control instructions, including the handling of goods, equipment, and workers, it is possible to lower labor shortages by allocating workers properly. Moreover, the optimized operation of automation facilities helps reduce wait times for transport vehicles, which is a key strategy in mitigating driver shortages. Through enhancing the overall performance of customer distribution centers and fortifying the logistics sector’s infrastructure, starting with these distribution centers, Fujitsu and YE DIGITAL aim to tackle the 2024 challenges in the logistics industry and reinforce sustainable supply chains.

[1] WMS: Warehouse Management System
[2] WES: Warehouse Execution System

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