Four transformational technologies for lead generation in sales

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lead generation in sales

Organizations around the world are using several new and popular technologies to improve operational efficiency, generate more leads, and optimize sales outcomes. However, using a sales technology alone can’t solve the challenges of sales leaders and CSOs. They have to find the maturity and potential of these technologies to know clear business benefits.

Gartner’s 2019 Hype Scale for CRM Sales Technology reveals the 4 notable technologies that every sales leader and CSO should invest in.

  1. Blockchain
  2. Digital adoption solutions
  3. Sales engagement platforms
  4. Conversational engagement analytics for sales

Blockchain technology has the potential to enable sales organizations to provide the highest quality and most current leads, according to Gartner.

The blockchain is now entering the sales world and is transforming the way sales organizations generally source leads and contact information. The distributed ledger technology enables the exchange of personal and business information on the basis of crowdsourcing data collection techniques. This helps in providing users with quality leads.

“Rather than source from unreliable third-party databases, users can instead partake in a network sharing system supported by blockchain infrastructure to source leads and contacts that fits their organization, while selling leads that do not match their ideal customer profile to other companies that may be in the market for such a lead or customer,” said Adnan Zijadic, senior principal analyst in Gartner’s Sales practice.

Apart from this, blockchain technology allows enterprises to monetize their data so that it can generate revenues, while taking care of the data protection policy.

Sales organizations that use blockchain for lead generation are also able to minimize the costs related to data intelligence solutions, as the technology removes the middle man.

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“Despite all its potential benefits, it will take time for organizations to take notice of blockchain for lead generation due to its embryonic stage,” said Mr. Zijadic. “Sales leaders should seize the opportunity to learn more about blockchain’s potential use cases while preparing for an increase in the vendor landscape.”

Whereas, digital adoption solutions can help in improving the adoption of multiple solutions across the enterprise. These solutions can allow new sellers to get on the board faster, while enabling tenured sellers to focus more on selling instead of task execution. This can significantly improve productivity.

Gartner says that sales engagement platforms have the potential to boost sales enablement capabilities. These platforms use information about buyer and seller engagement to provide better sales results.

The main benefit of sales engagement platforms is that it allows organizations to measure the level of engagement of prospects on the basis of the way they download content and communicate with sales representatives.

Conversational engagement analytics for sales tools are powered by AI algorithms to analyze audio conversations and provide insights into the quality of interactions with prospects and customers. This technology can prove to be very useful for enterprises that want to optimize B2B inside salespeople.

Source: Gartner

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