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Foothold Technology and NY Health Home Coalition Respond to the Impact Budget Cuts Will Have for Vulnerable New Yorkers

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NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In response to the recent executive budget decision by Governor Kathy Hochul, which includes a substantial $125 million cut to New York’s Health Homes, Foothold Technology, in close collaboration with the NY Health Home Coalition, voices its strong opposition and concern. These cuts significantly threaten the comprehensive care coordination vital for New York’s most vulnerable populations, including those suffering from Severe Mental Illness (SMI), those who are homeless, and marginalized families.

The budget cuts pose a grave threat to the healthcare system’s stability, risking an overload of hospitals and emergency rooms, increased inpatient stays, and a rise in homelessness and institutionalizations. Health Homes have been pivotal in preventing such outcomes by offering essential interventions to those most in need.

Foothold Technology, which provides technology solutions to over 60% of New York Health Homes, acknowledges the crucial role they play in the healthcare ecosystem and expresses deep empathy for the communities affected by these budget cuts. “As an organization that tries to enable the vital work of organizations that serve our community, we are dismayed by the impact these cuts could have. We’ve been lucky to see the valuable role Health Homes play in our communities and the populations they serve. At a time when the need for support services in New York are critical, it is essential to safeguard the funding that enables Health Homes to provide vital whole person care coordination,” states Alyza Tarmohamed, CEO of Foothold.

Amidst these challenges, NY Health Home Coalition Executive Director, Laurie Lanphear, encapsulates the sentiment felt across the sector: “We have this workforce that goes above and beyond because they recognize the needs of the community… Having to face this year after year is really weighing on our workforce and our members; they feel discarded.”

In response to anticipated budget cuts, the NY Health Home Coalition has initiated key measures ahead of the budget’s finalization on April 1:

  • Open Digital Letter to NY Legislators: A groundbreaking campaign enabling New Yorkers to directly send letters of support for Health Homes to their legislators, highlighting the collective action’s power.
  • Unified NY Sign-On Letter: This effort gathers local New York agencies to demonstrate a united front to legislators, emphasizing the critical services provided by Health Homes.

New York residents are encouraged to join the digital letter campaign here, a vital step towards reversing these detrimental budget cuts. Your voice matters in this pivotal moment to safeguard the well-being of New York’s most vulnerable populations and ensure the continuation of Health Homes’ vital services.

About Foothold Technology

Foothold Technology is a leading cloud-based behavioral health EHR and Case Management system software provider. Foothold’s federally certified software platform offers full functionality for case management, client tracking, treatment planning, and homeless information management, and allows for participation in Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) and Regional Health Information Organizations (RHIOs). Today, Foothold serves more than 1,100 human service organizations across the nation, Puerto Rico, and Guam. Foothold partners today with eight Health Homes in New York that support 237 Care Management agencies serving over 120,000 members. In addition to its presence within behavioral health agencies, Foothold is the system of choice for many agencies serving individuals experiencing homelessness or with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

About NY Health Home Coalition

The NY Health Home Coalition is pivotal in New York, championing Health Homes by liaising with governmental bodies, managed care organizations, care management agencies, and other vital partners. Their mission is to elevate care management for their members, ensuring policies from the New York State Department of Health support the best care practices in community settings. As a knowledge-sharing platform, the coalition facilitates the exchange of best practices and quality standards among its members and communicates the significant outcomes and roles of Health Homes to stakeholders and the broader public.


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