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FlooidCX Corporation (OTC: FLCX) Announces License Agreements and New Solar Products

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Quantum Energy Corporation (OTC: FLCX, QREE) (The “Company,” “Quantum” or “FLCX”), a worldwide exclusive licensee and manufacturer of transformative Direct Energy Systems for the direct generation and distribution of electrical energy, owned by and for use of the consumer, today announced that it has finalized a comprehensive worldwide license for photonic lighting products, alternators and the worlds first 100% recyclable and rebuildable photovoltaic (solar) panel system.

All technology licenses are being granted from WYOTech Investments Group, LLC, (“WYOTech”), Danzik Applied Sciences, LLC, (“DAS”) and Inductance Energy Corporation (“IEC”), for $1.00 (One dollar). The technology licenses are exclusive, and worldwide for two 10-year terms, and for life of United States and foreign patents, including patents pending.

The license agreements do not change royalty terms for WYOTech, on magnetic related technologies, or earnings for IEC in regards to Photon Engines for energy production. Neither DAS or Mr. Danzik will receive any royalty benefit for the technology transfer. No officer, director, employee, affiliate, consultant or vendor of the Company, Quantum Energy, Inc., or Inductance Energy Corporation, shall receive any cash, stock, option, or warrant benefit from the licenses being granted.

Photonic Lighting is a series of products that uses a highbred photonic/photovoltaic technology to convert light fixtures, and specialized photon light bulbs to recapture energy (energy harvesting) from lights that are used indoor, outdoor or anywhere where people work, live or recreate.

The new Quantum solar (photovoltaic) product line is the first ultra-lightweight (about 15% of the weight of a monocrystalline) solar panel, that does not require the use of glass. The Quantum licensed technology is artificial intelligence controlled, deploys and cleans through automation on a daily basis, and requires no structural modification, or physical penetration of roofs, or exterior structures for installation. The entirety of the solar system, which is a part of a Quantum Direct Energy System, is fully rebuildable and recyclable. The system will enter the certification process with Underwriters Laboratories, CSA and other testing services in February.

“These licenses are a few of the final steps in structuring the Company for its commercial growth. The Company’s Photonic Lighting products are now being installed and the feedback is excellent. I am particularly excited about the Company’s new exterior energy products in the form of the first 100% recyclable solar system. The weight of the system came in at 15% of current monocrystalline solar technology and the installation system is robust and eliminates nails and screws through roofs and many days of installation labor. A complete system can be rooftop installed in one day on a home or typical smaller commercial building,” said Dennis M. Danzik, President and Executive Chairman.

Chief Operating Officer Craig Kitchen stated: “This product effort is the result of nearly four years of challenging laboratory work, and having all of the technology licenses under one roof is a great result for the Company and its shareholders. The Company’s new solar line will be deployed in late February as soon as the final few patents are filed, and we have safety certifications in place. The technology will begin to change solar to a sustainable design platform, and help to slowly eliminate the pollution created by traditional solar panels with a typically short life span of 20 to 25 years. Being self-cleaning represents a major efficiency increase.”

For further information about this exciting change, please contact Brian Siegel, IRC®, M.B.A., at the below methods of contact.

About the Company

We are the worldwide exclusive licensee, and manufacturer of transformative photonic, magnetic propulsion, capacitor and battery energy systems for the direct generation and distribution of electrical energy produced and used by the consumer. Direct Energy Systems for industrial, institutional, commercial, governmental, remote and residential installations.

Our unique and patent pending technologies combine the very best uses of photonic, magnetic and rare earth processing and manufacturing, turning the future from solar power to the new frontier of Photon Power.

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