Flagged Outlook emails can now be managed from Microsoft To-Do

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flagged emails in Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft is making its To-Do service more capable for task management, allowing users to manage their flagged Outlook emails right from Microsoft To-Do.

To-Do helps users plan their day and schedule everything properly, but sometimes a lot of emails in the inbox can interrupt careful planning. With the latest update, users wouldn’t need to juggle their emails and task list. They will be able to add their flagged emails to To-Do. This functionality will be available for work and school accounts.

For managing flagged emails from Microsoft To-Do, users will need to sign in to the web or Windows app using the same work or account that they use with Office 365. The new functionality can be enabled from Settings by turning the Flagged Email on.

If the users enable the Flagged Email list, up to 10 flagged emails from the last two weeks can be managed directly from To-Do. From that point, all the flagged emails will also be converted into fully editable tasks in To-Do. Users can rename them, assign due dates and reminders, add to My Day and mark as Important.

Users will also be able to access the Flagged Email list in To-Do on iOS and Android. There will also be an option to open the original email, named Open in Outlook.

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“Like to triage your email when you first arrive at the office? Now, as you get to the emails that need a reply or need to be worked on you can flag them and carry on, knowing that they’ll be waiting for you when you open To-Do,” wrote Polly Davidson, Social Media Strategist at Microsoft, in a blog post.

“If it’s an email you need to deal with urgently then you can flag it with a high priority, and when you open To-Do you’ll see that it’s been starred as important.”

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