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Five9 Introduces Agent Assist 2.0 with AI Summary powered by OpenAI

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With the new release, Five9 is delivering on its strategy to leverage best of breed Large Language Models to “democratize” new areas of contact center automation that will improve processes, agent performance and the customer experience.

SAN RAMON, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Five9 (NASDAQ: FIVN), a leading provider of the intelligent cloud contact center, today announced the general availability of Five9 Agent Assist 2.0 with AI Summary, powered by OpenAI. Using the same generative AI technology behind ChatGPT, the solution summarizes customer call transcripts in seconds, yielding a rapid time to value by reducing manual, after-call work.

The key difference between this and prior versions is the removal of model training and manual categorization. This is possible because LLM technology can be fed a call transcript and a request to summarize it, and it produces high quality results over a large set of conversations, without any prior training on what the conversation is about. This differentiation has the potential for Agent Assist 2.0 to transform the contact center for Five9 customers.

AI Summary is part of Five9’s strategy to unlock a new class of features and products using large language models like GPT-3. With this release, Five9 continues to “democratize” advanced AI applications for customer service by applying technologies that eliminate the time and expense of training the natural language models underlying those applications. This will help to reduce the barriers of entry for not just voice and digital virtual agents, but also AI applications that utilize natural language – including self-service, call routing, automated call scoring (QM), next-best-action and more. Given these savings, Five9 is also helping to deliver these technologies in a way which is affordable to contact centers of all sizes.

“Five9 is delivering innovative and practical AI that empowers contact center workers and enables a fluid customer experience,” said Callan Schebella, EVP, Product Management, Five9. “Incorporating generative AI technology into agent assistance is the natural next step for CX teams, and we are committed to helping businesses apply the technology to gain quick wins.”

Agent Assist 2.0 is a desktop application used by agents during a call or chat with a customer. It transcribes the call and then analyzes the transcript to assist the agent in handling the call. This enables agents to do their jobs faster. The result is a win-win for everyone – consumers can get their issues resolved faster, and agents can handle more calls in a day, helping the/your company save money.

The holy grail for Agent Assist has been to attack one of the biggest sources of cost for call handling – summarizing the call. After a call is completed, many agents take a few minutes to write a summary of what transpired, and these summaries are essential for providing context so that the next agent handling a call can understand a customer’s interaction journey. Our AI Summary functionality can generate comprehensive summaries in seconds. Imagine the time savings!

The response from Five9’s initial set of customers using Agent Assist 2.0 has been extremely positive. This latest release expands the use cases for Agent Assist from onboarding of new agents to maximizing the agent’s efficiency throughout the course of their time with the/your company. Five9 Agent Assist is helping to enable greater efficiency for businesses and a better CX experience for their end customers.

Read more about Agent Assist 2.0 and AI Summary in this blog post.

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