Fight back cash heists with these vehicle security system features

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vehicle security system

As the world becomes progressively digital, we can expect a decline in paper money use and, thus, cash crime. However, for now, cash transactions are the preferred mode of payment at several places, creating an opportunity for cash theft. In general, companies in retail, banking and other industries use safe transport methods for transferring money from one site to another. It means that cash, surrounding property, and workers responsible for the safe delivery of the cash may be at risk from criminal gangs. Cash-in-transit vans which are exposed to heists, highjack, violent attacks require modern security updates apart from the traditional security methods. Modern security systems include the latest car security system, dashcams, and similar other equipment.

Transferring cash from one place to another involves high risks and requires excellent monitoring and scheduling. Tracking devices installed in such vehicles as a backup safety system can help eliminate the threats. The device lets you know the live location of the vehicle carrying a high amount of cash or any other expensive logistics. There are many vehicle tracking devices available in the market which offer extra features apart from mere GPS tracking.

Here are some features which an intelligent vehicle security system should have:

Real-time Tracking & Trip History

Most GPS tracking devices have a real-time monitoring system. As the vehicle moves, the journey data is stored in the device memory which can be reviewed later. Real-time tracking and trip history are essential features of a GPS tracking device. This allows fleet managers or owners of cash-in-transit vehicles to check the history and route data anytime.

Alerts and Notifications

A useful GPS device also gives notifications for when the trip starts and ends. Also, it alerts the owners through a connected device or medium in cases of parameter breach. For instance, if the driver is over speeding or making many stops while driving through specified routes, the system will automatically send alerts to the owners. It is a feature that is essential for vehicles transferring a big amount of money.


It is an essential feature that takes customization to another level in a vehicle tracking device. One can create geographical boundaries for a vehicle, and when a breach occurs, the device sends immediate alerts. It immensely opens the possibility of monitoring a car, especially cash-in-transit vehicles. It also helps in increasing operational efficiency with increased security levels.


The app or device must have a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and provide all the necessary information. A simple and intuitive system allows the individual to access the right information so that they can make well-informed decisions.

Apart from the major feature which a vehicle security system must have, there are a few other features like easy installation, dashboard summary, remote access, and user management that are of equal importance. There are many vehicle security systems available in the market today, which comprise most of the features mentioned above. One device that has the most comprehensive features of all is KENT CamEye.

This device has modern and technologically advanced features, ensuring the safety of the vehicle, and avoiding cash heists. It is a vehicle tracking device which has a dual-camera setup, cloud storage, two-way communication feature, AI-face recognition, real-time alerts, and more useful features. It is available online on Amazon India and can be ordered easily. You can also sign up for a free demo to check out its amazing features first-hand.

Guest Author- Kunal Hirwani

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