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Feedback on draft Electricity Rules, 2021

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The ministry of Power had solicited feedback on the Electricity (Promoting renewable energy through Green Energy Open Access) Rules, 2021. The rules aim to increase in the amount  Renewable Energy (RE), the companies  consume for their operations.

Many IT-BPM industry are using Renewable Energy for their energy needs and the Data Centre companies which consume significant amount of power have made commitments for using Renewable Energy for their operations. In this context, we welcome the proposed framework we provided the some feedback to the draft rules.

The suggestions include allowing annual banking of renewable energy without any quantum of consumption, including Green Procurement from Exchanges within the ambit of Renewable Purchase Obligations, removing restrictions on voluntary purchase of power and reducing cross subsidies, among others.

These suggestions, if implemented, can help the IT-BPM industry and the Data Centre companies to increase the RE consumption.

Our submission is attached.