10 features in the new ChatGPT-powered Microsoft Teams Premium that you should know of

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Teams Premium

Microsoft has announced the general availability of Teams Premium, built on the all-in-one collaborative experience of Microsoft Teams, bringing the latest technologies powered by ChatGPT to make meetings more intelligent, and personalized. By leveraging OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 for a more streamlined meeting process that can autonomously take notes and suggest actions based on conversations happening in real time, Microsoft is taking virtual meetings a step forward into the future. 

Key features in Teams Premium  

1. Intelligent Recap

Teams is bringing powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the meeting experience, making it easier than ever for users to stay productive. With intelligent recap, available in Teams premium, attendants get a personalized snapshot of what was discussed – so they can keep up even if they miss out on some important points. 

2. AI-generated chapters

Intelligent Recap saves time spent on reviewing meeting recordings. With AI-generated chapters dividing each meeting into meaningful sections, individuals can quickly and easily select what is most relevant to their needs. Intelligent recap will generate those essential chapters based on an accurate transcript of the conversation. 

3. AI-generated notes and tasks

Intelligent Recap simplifies the meeting experience, allowing users to fully engage in thoughtful discussion. Soon, GPT-3.5’s AI capabilities will provide a comprehensive overview of meetings that includes key points and takeaways. The AI technology ensures smooth follow-through with action items and tasks at hand. 

4. Personalized timeline markers 

Personalized timeline markers help pinpoint the exact moments a screen was shared and when the user’s name was mentioned. Soon users can easily keep up with the conversations that matter most, as the personalized meeting highlights will include speaker timeline markers to show who spoke when. 

5. Live translation  

Teams Premium now offers 40 language options for live translations, enabling effortless and productive communication in multi-lingual meetings. With just one Teams premium subscription from the meeting organizer end, AI-powered real-time captioning enables participants to save on pricey translation services and seamlessly understand fellow participants without having to purchase a premium account themselves.  

6. Branded meetings

Teams Premium adds an unparalleled level of professionalism and personalization to meetings, with your company logo and colors appearing when you join the meeting. Further, customize these virtual gatherings by enabling brand-approved organization backgrounds or ‘together mode’. Organization backgrounds and together mode scenes are currently available and branded meetings will be available by mid-February 2023. 

7. Meeting templates

With Teams Premium, IT admins can create customized meeting templates—like a client call, brainstorming meeting, or help desk call. This will automatically include the correct settings, which reduces the time it takes to create and get the meeting right. With templates, leaders can make sure that their meetings follow company best practices and policies. 

8. Advanced meeting protection

Teams Premium offers advanced meeting protection to help you safeguard confidential business meetings without impacting the meeting experience. New meeting options, like watermarking and limiting who can record, give you additional protections to keep the discussion private. Meeting organizers can use a unique watermark over attendee screen shares and video feeds to confidently share sensitive information. For extremely sensitive meetings, IT-enabled users can apply the end-to-end encryption (E2EE) option to the meeting. 

9. Includes webinars

Teams Premium includes webinars, which makes it easy to host virtual events and saves you time and money. Presenters can join the virtual green room to prepare for the event without disturbing attendees. Attendees can engage with each other through chat and Q&A while they wait for the event to start. 

10. Microsoft Enterprise Content Deliver Network (eCDN) 

To make events better for organizations, Microsoft eCDN is now included in Teams Premium. With Microsoft eCDN, organizations can stream events like global meetings, all-hands gatherings, and town halls using Teams Live Events. This helps reduce the load on the corporate network and prevents connectivity failure and poor video quality. It also doesn’t require any additional installation on user endpoints and devices. 

Teams Premium is available at a subscription of $7 per month for a limited period, before rising to $10 a month, Microsoft said in a blog post. 

ChatGPT in Microsoft Office suite 

Microsoft is making a giant leap in user experience by integrating OpenAI’s AI-driven ChatGPT into its Office suite. By enabling Word, PowerPoint, and Excel programs with this ground-breaking technology, Microsoft aims to provide users the ability to generate personalized texts effortlessly. This integration of cutting-edge tech would truly revolutionize the way writing takes place – allowing for dynamic emails, articles, or any other type of content generation upon typing just a few words – enabling an efficient yet creative output. Microsoft has also committed $10 billion towards investing in OpenAI as part of its journey towards modernization using artificial intelligence. 

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