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Exciting Trends in IoT to Watch Out For in 2022

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Internet of Things (IoT) is a progressive technology that is slowly transforming the technical landscape. The technology reminds us how devices of varying sizes are effectively joined in a network and passing digital information among them globally. This transformative tool is gradually influencing our everyday lives and every major sector of global business.  

According to popular online data, the total number of IoT devices is estimated to reach almost 75 billion by 2025. And by 2027, the market landscape of the Internet of Things is expected to jump over to a whopping $2 trillion. 

The global pandemic has introduced certain obstacles for this technology sector, but with the world slowly regaining its normalcy, we can expect some great things from this tech. 


Popular Trends in IoT Expected in 2022


Enabling Better Security

A recent study has revealed that the number of devices connected to the internet has surpassed 10 billion. With many devices connected to cyberspace, network vulnerability will be at stake. Attempts to hack the IoT networks will become a common issue. The officials will have to step up their game and take preventive measures for enhanced security. Marketing the new and improved security measures will definitely help to scale the IoT market


Industrial IoT Trends

IoT tech is slowly paving the way for smart industries. The sensors used in IoT technology efficiently detect machinery defects and send data to the respective managers, all before the technicians are assigned to solve the problem. IoT and smart wearables are promoting operational efficiency in the industrial sector. Wearables are linked to mobile devices, which in turn facilitates a connection between the operational floors and the management. Also, the latest advancements in IoT technology are bringing new definitions to the preventive maintenance division. 


Expanding IoT Adoption in the Healthcare Sector

The healthcare industry is scaling innovation with state-of-the-art IoT applications. The industry has deployed indoor navigation and tracking on the premises and is encouraging the use of smart wearable devices among their staff. One of the smart applications of IoT in healthcare is used in improving the lighting system crucial for patient recovery. IoT tech is applied to connect lighting systems to health monitors followed by deploying sensors.  


As the pandemic prompted us to strictly follow the social distancing guidelines, the IoT technology was used to track patients remotely and even prompted ‘telehealth visits’, allowing patients to visit hospitals by maintaining optimum social distancing. The tech also offered remote tracking of the Covid-19 virus transmission.


AI, Machine Learning, and more

 Distributed IoT analytics and data are still prominent in the extensive IoT network. They aid in improved network operations by providing real-time actions while dispatching huge amounts of data into the network core. The consolidation of data streams with leading AI engines and machine learning paves the way for innovations including smart homes and more. To scale the efficiency of data analysis, integrated analytics are increasingly ingrained into solutions and passed over to machine learning applications. 


Brilliant Customer Services

The IoT technology offers to significantly improve the customer experience by upgrading the CRM systems. The IoT data can be effectively transmitted to businesses’ CRM tools, allowing the organization to be an active part of customer discussions. Since the CRMs come with APIs, they are compatible with most of the systems available today. The networking between these devices will associate IoT tech with the actual business systems. 


Beacons and Staff Management

Earlier, beacons were used to drop targeted messages to consumers through smartphones. Now, its use cases are expanded to efficient employee management. Alongside IoT technology, the beacons can be deployed for employee monitoring and to assign tasks to the respective employees. The collected data can be further utilized for boosting operational performance. In addition to this, beacons can be used to promote employee safety. The tech monitors and alerts employees of possible hazardous locations.   


The New and Improved Stores

IoT helps to record visitor behavior in stores by tracking their movement and, sometimes, their interaction with the products. The technology also comes in handy for efficient inventory management. The retailers can use the collected data to drastically improve customer experiences. IoT can also promote quick payments and an overall customized shopping experience.    


This disruptive technology has begun to influence all major sectors of businesses. IoT has already laid grounds for smart and improved living. We can hope to see more innovative contributions from IoT to the technology landscape in the coming years. 


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