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Ex-BlackRock Real Estate Investor Joins Liquefy Advisory Board

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HONG KONG–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#blockchain–Liquefy is pleased to announce the appointment of Jerome Chung to its Advisory Board. Jerome brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise from real estate, asset management and finance. He is passionate about nurturing and supporting the growth of the next generation of industry leaders. Having gained significant traction over the last year as a technology provider in Asia’s real estate tokenization space, Liquefy is appointing Jerome as a key consultant in developing the company’s provision of blockchain technology solutions to an institutional level.

“Liquefy started off as a technology provider of tokenization solutions,” said Adrian Lai, Chief Executive Officer of Liquefy, “but our vision has always been far broader. Our company started from the notion that value is locked up in illiquid assets such as real estate, and that blockchain technology could unlock this value via digital fractional ownership. However, the advantages of blockchain, such as operational efficiency, automation, and data transparency – all based on data secured by a distributed ledger – are not limited to investment in illiquid assets. We are talking about a technology that can streamline processes, facilitate cross-platform data sharing, all while protecting an enormous amount of information against unauthorized access and tampering. Over the last year we have focused on building up use cases in the specific area of real estate tokenization, and our capability has grown to a level where we feel ready to explore broader applications of blockchain in finance. We are privileged to have Jerome as our advisor. He not only brings substantial experience in real estate and finance from his extensive career but is also fiercely committed to nurturing entrepreneurship and professional development. His insight will be invaluable to us as our company moves into a new stage of growth.”

Jerome is currently a Partner of Generations, an international practice of specialist consultants that work alongside institutions, family offices, entrepreneurs and executives in helping them achieve their business and investment goals. He has over 23 years of experience in investment management, professional services advisory, real estate, private equity, proptech and new ventures. Prior to Generations, Jerome was a Partner in KPMG’s Deal Advisory team. Before undertaking his KPMG position, he was a Director in BlackRock’s Asia Pacific Real Estate team, responsible for private equity real estate investment across Hong Kong and Southern China. He also worked for PwC providing assurance and advisory services across Asia Pacific and State Street Bank and Trust Co. in both Sydney and in Boston.

Jerome is currently an independent non-executive member of the global RICS Standards and Regulation Board. Previously, he was a non-executive member of RICS Asia Pacific Regulatory Sub-Board and the former vice-chairperson of the RICS Hong Kong Diversity and Inclusion Committee. He was also a member of the CFA Institute’s GIPS Interpretations Subcommittee, Real Estate Working Group, Verification/Practitioner Subcommittee as well as the GIPS Alternative Investments Working Group.

“Liquefy is filling a real gap in the market, especially around the investment management process,” said Jerome Chung. “Using blockchain to improve the security, efficiency and flexibility in fractional ownership has long been talked about as a game-changer in the fields of real estate, finance and asset management. With successful use cases under their belt, Liquefy continues to discover new business applications of blockchain technology. I am excited to be joining the company at this juncture and look forward to seeing what heights we can reach.”

Liquefy is a fintech platform that enables the issuance of tokenized securities backed by real assets to bring in a new world of accessible investment. Since its establishment in 2018, the company has established landmark use cases in real estate tokenization, including the first real estate asset tokenization case in Hong Kong and the tokenization of a luxury hotel in London. Jerome’s appointment to the Advisory Board will accelerate Liquefy’s development of blockchain and tokenization solutions for a new digital era of property and finance.


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