Epsilon selected by Converge ICT to connect its clients to global Internet Exchanges

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Converge ICT Solutions Inc., a prominent provider of fibre broadband, has selected Epsilon Telecommunications (Epsilon) as its interconnectivity partner to improve its network infrastructure and connectivity offerings. Epsilon has been tasked with expanding Converge’s presence across the world by broadening its peering capabilities via global Internet Exchanges (IXs).

By utilizing Epsilon’s Remote Peering solution, Converge has gained entry to a vast network of global Internet Exchange partners. This allows Converge to connect its clients to multiple IXs in a quick and affordable way, without incurring substantial hardware and network expenses. Converge is further expanding this capability to its corporate customers via its IX Express Service (IXES), which offers an economical connectivity solution.

“We are excited that our partnership with Epsilon will not only help us extend our network’s global reach, but also assist us in optimising our enterprise customers’ user experience with committed data bandwidth, flexibility, and scalability,” said Jesus C. Romero, Chief Operating Officer at Converge ICT Solutions Inc. “By utilising Remote Peering, we can seamlessly connect customers closer to a location where content is shared and consumed, which leads to new opportunities for customers and their businesses.”

Using Epsilon’s Network as a Service (NaaS) platform, Infiny, Converge will enable its customers to access IXs such as DE-CIX in Frankfurt, Germany, and AMS-IX in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Infiny offers four potent solutions through a single platform, including data centre interconnection, direct cloud connect, access to internet exchanges, and global inbound numbers. Epsilon’s network, which is MEF-certified, encompasses over 280 data centres globally and offers customizable bandwidth levels.

“Our collaboration with Converge ICT Solutions Inc. will enable more users to benefit from an optimised, seamless network experience across Europe and beyond,” said Michel Robert, CEO at Epsilon Telecommunications. “Using our Remote Peering solution, Converge can access and resell a comprehensive ecosystem of IXs including DE-CIX and AMS-IX to its customers, with a reliable, scalable, and flexible infrastructure. Through Infiny, businesses can interconnect directly to this ecosystem using a private and high performance connection. Converge and its clients can instantly flex bandwidth on demand and only pay for the connectivity they use.”

“Our goal at Converge is to be the best internet provider in the Philippines, and we can do that by helping our customers operate in a seamless and cost-efficient way through our facilities, by removing the complexities in their connectivity and providing them with the best solutions in the market through world-class digital technologies like Epsilon’s Infiny,” added Mr. Romero. “We want our customers to be able to experience the benefits of digital transformation through their relationship with us, by aiding their company’s growth and boosting their international reach.”

Converge offers secure, flexible, and dynamic enterprise-grade fiber solutions to businesses, ensuring seamless operation. With Epsilon’s Infiny platform, the company can swiftly and effortlessly fulfill its clients’ evolving requirements by purchasing, ordering, and provisioning peering services on demand.

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