Enterprises could get 5 to 30 percent cost savings with Hybrid Cloud deployment – Microsoft – Zinnov report

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Hybrid cloud deployment is increasing at a steady rate and is becoming a new method of achieving digital transformation because of its benefits like substantial cost savings and high performance.

As a part of the study, a survey was conducted, which observed that steady hybrid cloud deployment rate can lead to cost savings from anywhere between 5 percent to 30 percent for an enterprise, based on the output of its proprietary cost modeller. This depends upon the VMs in data center of an enterprise and number of workloads being taken from on premise to public cloud environment.

Moreover, the survey found that 40% of the enterprises have already planned to deploy the hybrid cloud infrastructure for transforming their IT infrastructure. The main reasons for hybrid cloud adoption included lower TCO, enhanced operational efficiency, ability to innovate and better ability for meeting customer expectations.

Hybrid clouds provide businesses better flexibility in computing tasks, increased efficiency and more data deployment options by letting workloads shift between private and public clouds per an organization’s needs. Based upon the modeller’s evaluation, Microsoft Azure’s hybrid cloud solution is the most cost-effective one.

“Many organizations have existing investments in IT infrastructure and business-specific needs to keep parts of it on their own premises. At the same time, the cloud presents an incredible opportunity to improve RoI, develop innovative solutions, and respond rapidly to changing business demands. The hybrid model is a ‘best of all worlds’ option that allows customers to benefit from the cloud on their own terms,”

─Meetul Patel, General Manager, Marketing & Operations, Microsoft.

As per the analysis, Zinnov found that hybrid cloud deployments are constituting 45-50% of the cloud business of over 50 cloud channel partners operating across the globe. The partners comprised large and mid-tier IT service providers, telcos, hosters, Platform BPO and Digital Marketing organizations.

The primary reasons of the development of hybrid cloud deployment in India is the rapid growth in internet adoption, and the government initiatives like GST and demonetization. The emergence of innovative start-ups in areas such as e-commerce, Software as a Service(SaaS), fin-tech, and growth of mobile data, are also the key drivers of the development.

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