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Eng3 to Present at World Changers Summit

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Vatican Event at Pontifical Academy of Science Focused on Creation of a Better, Healthier and more Sustainable World

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Eng3 Corporation today announced that, Dr. Rowena Gates, co-founder and Vice President, will present NanoVi® technology at the prestigious World Changers Summit 2023 being held July 5th at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences in the Vatican City. The Summit is organized by the Institute for Advance Studies and Cooperation, whose mission is to foster groundbreaking intellectual and scientific exploration. Speakers and guests from many countries were invited by Dr. Gabriele Andreoli, IASC President, who organized and curated the event. Dustin Plantholt, “The Count of Monte Crypto” and World Changers Summit Board Member, will act as Master of Ceremonies.

The World Changers Summit brings thought leaders in multiple disciplines together to share wisdom on how to move towards a healthier, more sustainable world. Speakers will present topics as diverse and interrelated as Artificial Intelligence, Evolutionary Biohacking, Decentralized Finance, Investment, the Metaverse, and Entrepreneurship.

Rowena Gates, who started research into alliances as a business strategy in the 1980s, is inspired by the collaborative focus of the summit. “It is an honor to be invited to speak at the World Changers Summit. Dr. Gabriele Andreoli’s vision for cooperation mirrors my approach. He has a remarkable ability to bring people together, and I am grateful for the invitation to present NanoVi at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences in the Vatican City.”

Rowena Gates will discuss how it is possible to help the body repair and perform better with the NanoVi device. This technology was embraced by the summit organizers because it fundamentally supports the body without overriding or disrupting its natural functions. She will introduce academic studies supporting the improvements in physical and cognitive performance and recovery from use of the NanoVi device.

Dr. Gabriele Andreoli invited a presentation on NanoVi because it supports the whole system and is complementary to other health interventions. He included NanoVi in his book “Evolutionary Biohacking, the Rise of Regenerative A.I. Science,” which will be presented for the first time at the World Changers Summit. Dr. Andreoli explains why NanoVi fits so well with his agenda for sustainable health: “Proteins are the foundation of life, so having a technology that helps them work better is in full alignment with my vision for the future of health. Long-term sustainable health requires that we support the body without the potential for harm.”

The NanoVi is a patented, desktop device proven to help restore the function of damaged proteins by influencing the water that surrounds them. Loss of protein function causes aging, a decline in performance and chronic illness. Accelerating cell repair strengthens the immune system, increases vitality and performance, and slows the aging process. To see an animated video of how NanoVi technology works, click here.

NanoVi devices are used by biohackers and other health-conscious individuals, and people demanding high-performance including corporate executives and professional athletes (NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA). NanoVi has also been adopted by medical clinics, state-of-the-art performance centers, brain training and advanced wellness centers, and spas worldwide. A promising field-of-use is corporate wellness because multiple employees benefit from a single NanoVi device.

About Eng3 Corporation

Founded in 2003 by Hans Eng, Seattle-based Eng3 Corporation develops, manufactures, and distributes the NanoVi Eco, NanoVi Pro, and NanoVi Exo devices proven to improve protein function and positively influence cellular activity. NanoVi devices are used by health-conscious individuals, people who require high mental or physical performance, and those recovering from chronic illness. To inquire about purchasing a NanoVi device or find distributors please click here.

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The IASC is a non-profit interdisciplinary research foundation, that aims to develop high-level scientific activities and supports cooperation at all levels helping institutions and private organizations to develop: international relations, cross cultural projects, financial and economic progress.

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