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Mirantis eases deployment of edge computing infrastructure with MCP Edge

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The managed open cloud company Mirantis is entering the edge computing market with the launch of Mirantis Cloud Platform Edge (MCP Edge).

Edge computing has become a buzzword in the IoT (internet of things) arena because of its capability to process data at the edge, rather than sending it to cloud or datacenter. In edge computing, there are several geographically distributed points of presence (PoPs) with heterogenous architecture for low latency.

But the deployment of edge infrastructure costs more than that of core cloud infrastructure, requires open APIs for interoperability, WAN connectivity and more. In such scenarios, cloud services providers are forced to rethink existing approaches.

Mirantis Cloud Platform Edge aims to address these issues by providing single centralized management across multiple edge deployments. It is a complete software solution tuned for edge computing infrastructure.

The company has integrated MCP Edge with OpenStack, Kubernetes, as well as Mirantis DriveTrain. The DriveTrain is a set of tools and services that allow enterprises to deploy, monitor, and manage cloud environments.

These integrations will empower CSPs to deploy a combination of containers, virtual machines, and bare metal PoPs, connected by a unified management plane, the company said.

“Edge footprints need to support a wide diversity of application use cases. Service providers are still in learning mode — gearing up for edge computing with the advent of new technologies like 5G, IOT and autonomous driving,” said Adrian Ionel, Mirantis CEO.

“Infrastructure agility at the edge will enable businesses to adapt and roll out new use cases quickly, with minimal cost.”

Since MCP Edge is based on Kubernetes and OpenStack, its northbound APIs are fully compatible with industry requirements for interoperability. Further, it uses BGP VPN for connecting various edge locations.

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As of now, the demo version of MCP Edge is available for download as a virtual appliance. Service providers can deploy the demo on a single server or public cloud instance.

Image source: Mirantis

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