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Digital Transformation in the BPM Industry

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It’s high time for the “Business process management (BPM) industry which aims to improve, optimize, and automate business processes of its clients should adopt Digital Transformation for itself and stay ahead of the curve. BPM industry should adapt to the shift from its traditional version to a more explorative version caused by the emerging technologies and digital transformations. 

Technologies today are triggering a new industrial revolution and introducing a plethora of new ways of doing business. With the rapid advent of new technologies like blockchains, IoT and AI, organizations are struggling to utilize the latest technologies to their benefit. Business processes, operations, and structures must adapt to both aspects of BPM where on the one hand it is focused on exploiting the benefits of existing technology and on the other hand, is simultaneously trying to explore the benefits of recent IT trends. While innovation in the product or service line is mandatory for organizations to stay ahead of the market curve, digital process innovations will reduce time delays and enable resource sharing. Both client needs and infrastructural requirements are transforming due to digital innovations. New technologies have the potential to change business processes disruptively. 

 The following trends are noted in the process of evolution of BPM:

 Transitional customer experience:

Digital innovations and technologies are continuously changing the experience of the end-customers. With the enrichment of data management and better data analytics, organizations can utilize their data for customer-centric offerings. Data mining, AI, and machine learning enable them to develop better customer interactions. 

The better strategic link between BPM and Digital innovations:

While many organizations use traditional BPM methods and techniques, the explorative version of BPM may help to promote collaboration by social media and entrepreneurship to explore new ways of dealing with business processes. The secret of BPM’s success lies in the strategic adoption of IT. Nowadays, there is a dire need for value-driven BPM. Organizations make an effort to adopt any new technologies as and when they surface in the market to attain a competitive advantage. IT enables organizations to extract maximum benefit from structured or unstructured data. Thus, changing the digital technology strategies for an organization can be a path towards development.

Better Business-IT alignment

Business-IT alignment has emerged as a pre-requisite for a successful BPM in this day and age, in which IT infrastructure plays an important role. Business-IT alignment is mandatory to ensure proper execution of tasks and helps achieve accelerated processing time, better turnaround time commitment, better customer experience, achieving IT agility, and better collaboration. Naturally, the overall profitability of organizations may consequently increase as well. Also, the business-IT alignment allows customer involvement strategies and helps to take a step forward towards digitized solutions. 

More appealing BPM in process modelling and monitoring

Emerging technologies give the BPM field the possibility to transform itself and become more appealing in practising new ways of process modelling and monitoring. BPM exploration brings in new and attractive things, such as comic book style journey mapping. Real-time app monitoring tools are useful for monitoring productivity, especially in the remote working era. New tools are explorative and are created to be more demand, case and value-driven structure. 

Consumers of the twenty-first century are empowered digitally and have access to a wide range of information and resources which are available online. Business owners need to be flexible to manage such requirements which are only possible through the new-generation business process management tools and digital innovation. BPM, thus now goes hand-in-hand with digital design and cannot be considered a stand-alone project anymore. 

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