Ethical hacking and hacking – Know the difference

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Ethical hacking and hacking difference

In today’s tech-smart world, digital space is a different arena altogether. Nowadays, exponential quantities of data are getting stored across computers and network systems. It is this substantial amount of data that drives operations digitally. A considerable part of stored information is sensitive and confidential and is closely guarded by organizations. Systems are locked with passwords and other security mechanisms to build a good defense against malicious attacks.

Organizations are on the lookout for cybersecurity experts who can help strengthen their defense against breaches. To cope with the rising demand for cybersecurity experts, many institutes are offering cybersecurity courses to create a force that can aid organizations in fighting against illegal hackers.

What is Hacking?

Hacking is the act of using advanced technological knowledge to access and control the deepest security layers of a computer system or software. Hacking can be done for both ethical as well as unethical reasons.

Some examples of hacking include-

  • Using password cracking algorithm to gain illegal access
  • Introducing Trojan or similar malware into cybersecurity network
  • DriveIn Downloads that result in unauthorized download and installation of malware
  • RootKits which give unauthorized access to the attacker

What is Unethical Hacking?

Unethical hacking refers to the use of advanced technology for exploiting weaknesses and breaching defences in a computer system. In unethical hacking, the hackers use their skills to make profit, gather information, protest, or challenge authority. Attacks by such hackers can cause massive loss to the organizations in terms of finances as well as other resources.

Since illegal hacking involves unauthorized access to business-critical data, it is considered as a criminal offense and is punishable under law. These hackers are called iiwho face trials under the IT Act which was implemented in India in 2000. Hacking can be done at both individual as well as large scale organizational level. Cyber hackers see individual systems as an easy target because of thin or almost negligent defensive walls in place.

Some instances of unethical hacking include-

  • Internet searches being directed to other unrelated sites
  • Antivirus Software getting disabled on its own
  • Speed of a computer slowing down to a crawl

What is Ethical Hacking?

Organizations perform hacking to identify any potential threats faced by a computer system or network. This type of hacking involves the application of technological knowledge and the use of similar tools as used by unethical hackers. However, ethical hacking means bypassing the security system to access an organization’s network legitimately. Due to increasing number of cases of cyber-attacks in the country, companies are now hiring cybersecurity experts to beef up their defense system.

Nowadays, Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) is a qualification that individuals are obtaining for offering ethical hacking services to companies. It is a sought-after career option that is well paying and also respectable. The cyber ethical hackers devise new ways and use advanced tools to create multiple layers of security in a computer system. Ethical hackers help develop robust security protocols and sophisticated corporate firewalls to secure vital information.

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Become an Ethical Hacker

Cybercriminals are becoming smarter in carrying out attacks, and hence companies are willing to shell out large sums of money to keep their data and systems secure. So, if you are inclined towards technology and want a career that will fare well in the future, then going for a cyber security course is a good option for you. Renowned institutes like Jigsaw Academy provide various short-term cybersecurity courses along with other programs related to data sciences, machine learning and AI.

By obtaining advanced knowledge in the field of cybersecurity, you are sure to embark on a long and successful career. So, what are you waiting for? Explore more and take admission in such courses to be a cyber ninja.

Guest Author- Kunal Hirwani

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