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Diagnostix elects Ger van Jeveren to its board of directors ahead of IPO

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NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Diagnostix, the leading European med tech company, specialized in Artificial Intelligence diagnostics and co-founded by Giuliano Senese and Dr. Peter Velthuis has elected Ger van Jeveren to its Board of Directors. Van Jeveren, a seasoned Dutch entrepreneur with extensive experience in healthcare, brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge to the Diagnostix team.

Van Jeveren’s track record speaks for itself. With decades of experience in the healthcare industry, he has founded and led several successful healthcare companies in the Netherlands and beyond. He is widely regarded as a leader and innovator in the industry, and his expertise and guidance will be invaluable to Diagnostix as the company continues to grow and expand.

“We are thrilled to welcome Ger van Jeveren to our Board of Directors,” said Senese. “His deep knowledge of the healthcare industry, combined with his experience as an entrepreneur, makes him the perfect fit for our team. We look forward to working with him to further our mission of using technology to improve people’s lives.”

Dr. Velthuis echoed Senese’s sentiment, saying, “Ger van Jeveren’s track record in healthcare is second to none. He brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge to our company, and we are confident that he will help us to continue to grow and achieve our goals.”

Van Jeveren, for his part, expressed his excitement at the opportunity to work with Diagnostix. “Artificial Intelligence will be the gamechanger for diagnostic purposes in the health, med and tech environment. I am proud to participate with Diagnostix in this disruptive segment and looking forward to work with this excellent team.” said van Jeveren.

With van Jeveren on board, Diagnostix is well positioned to continue its rapid growth and expansion. The company’s cutting-edge technology and commitment to innovation and technology have already made a significant impact in the field of medical technology, and with van Jeveren’s guidance, the future looks bright for the company and its co-founders.

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